#35 Oh Really? QS World University Ranking

When we work with our clients, we focus on them – not us. As a result, when one of our consultants do share something, the main reaction is, “Oh, really? I didn’t know!”. We will, therefore, do better! :)

Hidden Job Market Y20W36

This week we’ve researched job ads for executives across Europe and have found gems like the following:

  • [PL] Project Management Practice Leader @ PwC
  • [FR] Senior Manager, Regional AMZL Community Operations @ Amazon
  • [UA] AVP Marketing Analytics & Data Strategy @ SoftServe
  • [BE] P&O Head Belgium @ Sandoz
  • [CZ] Global Environmental Sustainability Operations Executive Director @ Novartis

Hidden Job Market week 36 highlights from Urszula Rapacka:

Here the full list:

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Market Signals (Week 35)

Because of how we work when supporting our clients, we have a very uniqueglimpseinto how over 5000 Executive Search companies and almost 20 000 decision makers react – the majority of which being located in Europe; and we collect and analyze how they respond; and we observe if and what kind of trends there are to leverage them into better career management & more effective job search methods.

Before there are trends, there are signals which we usually keep to ourselves. But these are not usual times, so we decided to share those market signals by the end of each week. If the country / context is important, we’ll add them. Otherwise, we’ll keep it general for confidentiality.

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Poszukujemy: Studenta Perfekcjonisty

Jeśli każdy najmniejszy błąd przyprawia Cię o gęsią skórkę – ta praca jest stworzona dla Ciebie! Twoje otoczenie nie rozumie Twojej potrzeby perfekcjonizmu? U nas jest to cecha najbardziej pożądana i zarazem największa zaleta – razem sprawimy, że świat (a przynajmniej wiele dokumentów) stanie się lepszy, ładniejszy, bardziej efektywny!

Niezależnie od tego, jaki zawód lub jaką ścieżkę kariery wybierzesz, jest jedna rzecz, która ma wpływ na to, czy odniesiesz sukces. Jeden wspólny mianownik, który określi, czy będziesz miał satysfakcjonującą karierę. To wiedza o rynku pracy. Innymi słowy, wiedza o tym, jak:

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Introduction to Market Signals (Week 35)

Before there are trends, there are signals! One KPI that Career Angels track to observe changes on the job market is the number of published job ads on LinkedIn.

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Summer is kinda cancelled

This “kinda cancelled” summer is a great opportunity to be looking for a job as economies need to catch up and companies need to hire managers & executives to start in September or October.

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7 Tips: how to take a good photo for your CV with your phone

A good photo can visually carry the entire CV – as you can base the color scheme on it or use it to solidify your personal branding.

Important: with today’s quality of smartphone cameras you can easily take a good photo with your phone. Here are 7 tips on how to do that:
1. Have someone else take your photo. Selfies are not an option!
2. Use a neutral background. Ideally a plain, bright wall. Nothing too distracting. Pay special attention to any objects in the background.
3. Use even lighting. Avoid direct sunlight and shadows. Never outdoors.
4. Dress properly. Choose an outfit you would wear for an important interview. Important: your clothes should ideally contrast with the background
5. Make sure the photographer holds the phone steady. The image should be of a good quality and sharp.
6. Choose a proper frame. Leave some space above your head and both (!) shoulders.
7. Look straight at the camera & choose a natural pose. No arms crossing. Your hands should not be a part of the photo in any way.

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Hidden Job Market Highlights [Week 35]

This weeks recommendations from Urszula Rapacka for executives and managers across Europe:

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#WiseWednesday: Estée Lauder

“My success is based on persistence, not luck.” by Estée Lauder

LMGTFY: Estée Lauder (July 1, 1908 – April 24, 2004), American businesswoman. She founded, together with her husband Joseph Lauder, her eponymous cosmetics company. Lauder was the only woman on Time magazine‘s 1998 list of the 20 most influential business geniuses of the 20th century.

#Love from a Project Manager: CV