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At Career Angels we keep writing about how important it is to keep up with the VUCA market. It concerns us, consultants, but also you, experienced managers and executives who are (more or less) active on the job market. The Career ABC is a way to stay atop of what we know about the current job market. It includes updated definitions, myth busters, KPIs.

The remaining letters of the Career ABC series:

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Insights: from awareness to job design

This is an email I received “out of the blue” and I’d like to share it with you, as it’s a good example of how important (and satisfying) a change in awareness can be:

Hi Sandra,

I’ll start my email by saying thank you. You probably don’t know why – allow me to explain:
I spoke to Iza [note: one of our Career Angels] last week and she told me that you are the author of the Challenge Accepted meetings, as well as the materials that have helped me organize my thoughts on my current professional situation. It’s taken me a full week to write this email, because I wanted to do it properly.

The Challenge Accepted group, as well as the Career Angels who attend the meetings are an inspiration for my job search – but also privately.

So far, I had lived with the – limitingconviction that a manager must advance upwards. This belief was strengthened while speaking to other managers, during interviews, talking to headhunters or even career advisors.

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Career Bootcamp with Career Angels – June 29, 2019 in Vienna, Austria

Every once in a while it’s good to take a moment (or a whole day) to think about the past, evaluate the present and plan for the future. This bootcamp is particularly for experienced managers, executives and professionals who want to treat themselves to a very (!) intensive & very (!) practical day to audit their careers to date and strategize for the future with a realistic and effective action plan. Additionally, it’s a good opportunity to update your know-how on career and job search, as well as reflect on your professional life.

About the bootcamp

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Can you find a job in one day?

Every year several hundred experienced managers and executives mainly from across Europe get in touch with us to confidentially discuss their career strategy and job search. After an initial consultation or when working with us, they learn that a job seeker should – on average – contact and follow up with:

  • 30 Executive Search Consultants (per country that they are actively interested in moving to)
  • 60-90 decision makers in selected companies (sometimes alternative people need to be contacted)

See the full statistics in our Job Hunting Report for 2018.

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Job Hunting Report 2018

When don’t rely solely on our HR / recruitment experience that everyone of us has accumulated over their careers which for some of us is 15 or more years. What worked 17, 9 or even 5 years ago, will very likely not work anymore. Because the market is VUCAit changes very quickly. We collect data on our own. Thanks to i) us handling the entire job hunting-related correspondence of selected clients and ii) clients voluntarily sharing all of their meticulously tracked job hunting statistics we analyzed:

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#1 Oh Really? 1438 CVs

When we work with our clients, we focus on them – not us. As a result, when one of our consultants do share something, the main reaction is, “Oh, really? I didn’t know!”. We will, therefore, do better! :)

Research project with & for expat spouses

For the last 5 years we’ve had a dozen or so expat spouses who inquired with Career Angels as to whether we could support them in their job search / career management. Only one decided to ultimately work with us – despite the fact that some of us, Career Angels, had experienced exactly that. We want to do a better job. And we want to do it properly. Looking for a job per se is already increasingly tricky – even more so for the +1s who join their partners on international assignments, especially, if the career break has been one of several years.

A little bit of data (if you’ve already bought into the idea of participating in a research project in Warsaw, please skip through to the end):
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Sharing know-how in 2018

Looking back at 2018, we definitely did not sit back & rest, we shared our knowledge with over 1300 (!) professionals from various industries, MBA students & graduates, (HR) professionals, experienced managers and executives across 43 lectures, webinars and workshops in Europe: Brussels, Vienna, Milan, Warsaw, Mannheim, and many more! It was a truly productive year and we can’t wait to do even more in 2019!

Here are some highlights:

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#Love from an In-house Lawyer: CV

#WiseWednesday: J.W. Stephens

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.” by J.W. Stephens.

LMGTFY: J.W. Stephens – Native Texan. Has spent many years traveling and living in a variety of places around the state and the world. In 2011 the author lost 40% of the vision in one eye and decided if a novel were ever to be produced, it was now or never! “Chess With Carrizo” is his first novel and the first in a planned series about Tru & Chris Marcus and their adventures with Jorge Carrizo.