Join us this week! Career Angels’ event calendar

Join us this week! Career Angels’ event calendar

Join us this week! Career Angels’ event calendar

Do you want to enhance your career? Know how to identify your own career profile and needs? Improve team culture? Have access to the know-how of Career Angels? Learn about the latest trends? Data? Methodology? Read this blog post to see where and when you can join one of our many lectures, webinars, podcasts, live events, training sessions and alike!

This week:

→ Topic: International Job Search Strategy
Date: March 26, 2024
For/mat: online, for registered students of POLIMI Graduate School of Management
Trainer: Anna Zadrożna
Language: English
About: In a VUCA world – to be able to achieve career success – it’s important to understand what forces and dynamics interact on the job market. With that knowledge, you’ll be able to fully manage your career and job search. The main topics: job search strategy: 4 steps; how to position yourself as a candidate; the role of the 2 CVs (human & ATS) and LinkedIn profile; job search channels: networking, direct application, headhunters, job ads; job hunting timing, as well as KPIs, incl response rate, interview rate

→ Topic: Effective job search in 2024
Date: March 27, 2024 / 17:00 – 18:00 CET
Trainer: Anna Zadrożna
For/mat: online, for registered participants (anybody can join for free); organized by Warsaw University of Technology Business School
Language: Polish
How to register: click here
About: Are executives and experienced managers recruited using (or through) ATS systems? How many invitations to interview have you received recently? What is the success rate of your job search? What does the 2023 data tell us and what are the 2024 job search trends?
If you are not satisfied with your current job search KPIs, or if you want to prepare for a more active job search, this webinar is for you! During the webinar, Anna will share the following tips:

  • How to set career/job search goals that get results
  • How to position yourself as a candidate (long list vs. short list mindset)
  • How to create an effective CV
  • How to optimize your profile on LinkedIn to increase your chances of being found among thousands of users

Anna will also include channel-specific tips on:

  • How to deal with headhunters
  • How to connect directly with potential employers
  • How to objectively evaluate your job search efforts by calculating “job search KPIs

→ Topic: Career decisions: heart vs. mind – who wins?
Date: March 28, 2024 / 14:00 – 15:30 CET
For/mat: online, for registered members of ACCA
Trainer: Anna Zadrożna
Language: English
About: How did you get to where you are career-wise today? How much was by accident? How much was planned? Some people stay on clear executive tracks, while some struggle to get ahead – yet others don’t even desire a linear career path. How come?

There’s science behind this and Anna will explain its inner workings, such as:

  • The different perspectives (heart vs. mind)
  • How to address and deal with potential discrepancies
  • How to identify your own career profile and needs
  • How to identify potential mismatches (red flags!) between candidates and future employers
  • Job crafting and life / career design

We all want a fulfilling career. But how do we get there? Join Anna during the upcoming webinar to get a better hold of your career decision-making!

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