Disclaimer: our Door2YourCareer Program with selected business schools across Europe is currently in a pilot phase. With the feedback of the students, alumni and business schools, we’ll prepare a ‘proper’ website – due to be launched in 2019.

What is Door2YouCareer?

It’s an opportunity for business schools to offer complimentary career services to their students and/or alumni. The scope will depend on the cooperation agreement with the business school.

If your business school cooperates with Career Angels, you will receive a unique code either physically or virtually:
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Cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology Business School

It’s our pleasure to announce that we at Career Angels signed a cooperation agreement with the Warsaw University of Technology Business School.

What does that mean in practice?

All students and alumni have – effective immediately – access to the following complimentary services and reports in English or Polish: Read more

Strefa Zmian – ready for changes?

Are you thinking about transition in your life?
A new job in a new company?
Maybe considering starting your own business?

If yes, definitely have a look at this conference: Strefa Zmian – życie zawodowe

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Sharing know-how in 2017

Looking back at 2017, we definitely did not sit back & rest, we shared our knowledge with over 1100 professionals from various industries, MBA students & graduates, HR professionals and many more across approx. 25 lectures, webinars and workshops in Europe. It was a truly productive year and Read more

Here are our 6 reasons of why we don’t complain about young Millennials

At Career Angels we give bachelor students the opportunity to work with us till they have completed
their master studies, so that they can experience and learn about the job market from an extremely safe perspective. Read more

Career Memory – how is yours?

Working with our clients we discuss all phases of their careers: how present actions and decisions will influence future outcome, as well as how past successes have shaped who they are today.

It is interesting to observe how many experienced managers very clearly remember the first 5 years of their careers… even much better than the most recent two.

Their first boss. Their first responsibilities. Their first big projects. Their first big challenge. Their “firsts” in general. Read more

Career Angels @ Strefa Zmian

Last weekend Career Angels had a chance to participate once again in a truly inspiring event “Strefa Zmian”.

Lecture #1
Sandra Bichl held a workshop “A good CV, being…? The art of creating application documents”.
The workshop was very practical as we worked on Read more

Have some <3!

At Career Angels, every day we have the honor and pleasure to work with experienced managers across the globe, including the world’s top management. Our clients allow us to guide them through their job hunting struggles and frustrations, they let us into their personal space during Skype calls (sometimes we meet their kids or spouses). They share their plans and future goals so that we can support them to achieve them.

Thanks to the appreciation we receive every day from them, we’ve decided to launch an additional website about them:

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Career Angels at the conference “Strefa Zmian – życie zawodowe” – once again!

Are you stuck in your current workplace?
Are your looking for a new job?
Do you want to start your own business?
Do you want to start your own business AND keep working at your current workplace?
Are you searching for ways to kick up your motivation & to get inspired?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the questions above, we’ve got something for you: Read more

Job market: what 2016 tells us about 2017

Some of you might have already seen and even read our freshly released Job Hunting Report for 2016. The most relevant page for job hunting managers with 10+ years of experience is page 4, right column: where do job offers that our clients have accepted come from. In other words: which channel is the most effective one?

Our clients and experienced managers who apply our method use the following channels to generate interest, interviews and consequently, ideally, job offers:

  • network
  • decision makers at approx. 50-90 selected companies (the number depends on the industry and seniority)
  • headhunters (30-40 per relevant market)
  • online jobs ads

We always recommend to focus on the first 3 channels, while only monitoring job ads on the Internet – this recommendation will not change drastically despite the following: Read more