Hidden Job Market Y21W01

This week we’ve researched job ads for executives across Europe and have found 29 gems like the following:

  • [PL] Head of New Business Development @ Sage
  • [DK] Executive Producer @ IO Interactive
  • [SK] Principal Finance Analyst @ Amazon
  • [IT] Head of Building Consultancy Services @ JLL
  • [FR] Regional Finance Director @ McCormick & Company

Here the full list:

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Best of 2020: Free & high-quality resources for your career management and job search

We know that times are difficult. We know that not everyone can afford to pay for support. That’s why we decided to offer many, many, many of our resources entirely, completely for free! Because at the end of the day – we are Angels who want to help! One of the examples: we’ve organized approx. 200 sessions with our network of coaches for professionals who felt overwhelmed with the pandemic – especially at the beginning.

Here are the links – feel free to share them!

Open Webinars – a series of 4 modules (each in Polish & English) explaining how to effectively look for a job in CV-19 times

Career Angels on YouTube

Career Angels on LinkedIn – updated daily!

Career Angels on Facebook – updated daily!

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Best of 2020: Your Company Page on LinkedIn – 8 tips

This tip series was prepared with the following professionals in mind:

  • HR professionals who want to ensure that their prospective candidates will find the necessary info on their company on LinkedIn; it’ll help you in talking with your marketing departments to create beautiful and effective employer branding materials!
  • Independent consultants, especially for executives turned freelancers (often out of necessity as they are in-between jobs) – to help them improve their branding and first impression on LinkedIn
  • anybody else who’s interested in the subject!

Tip #1: Complete all details: Having a complete and searchable (or shall we say “easily findable”) LinkedIn company page is important for your employer branding strategy or for independent consultants who want to make a good first impression!

Tip #2: Grow your audience: Even if you are not in marketing, growing an audience, YOUR audience (e.g. to attract candidates or potential consulting projects) can be important – and knowing how to do that even more!

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Market Signals (Week 53)

The art of interpreting signals (precursors of trends) is – and always has been – important in navigating financial markets and economies. If you are an experienced manager or executive who wants to manage their career and/or job search processes wisely, look at the signals of the job market which are inseparably embedded in the VUCA landscape of today’s world.

Before there are trends, there are signals which we usually keep to ourselves. But these are not usual times, so we decided to share those market signals by the end of each week. If the country / context is important, we’ll add them. Otherwise, we’ll keep it general for confidentiality.

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Best of 2020: Outplacement services – how to treat your future former employess

CV-19 has forced many companies to switch to the “crisis-mode” which for many meant reducing budgets and/or personnel and/or salaries. People were suddenly left without a job. How important is employer branding to you? Supporting your (future) former employees when they need it the most is the best way to show your employees and future candidates that you do care.

Paraphrasing an ad, “When in crisis mode, be yourself. Unless you are rude, then be somebody else.

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New Year = New Possibilities

After the Christmas break, it is time to get back to the job search, as the New Year can bring new openings and possibilities.

If you are an experienced manager based in Europe, contact us for a confidential career consultation to make sure you have a career strategy (and job search plan) for 2021! Happy New Year!
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Market Signals – Special Report (Top 20 Economies)

We’ve been keeping an eye on the number of job ads on LinkedIn in 18 European countries since Week 13 of 2020 – extended to 36, and ultimately 38 countries since Week 15 and 17 respectively. We analyze the collected figures and observe if and what kind of trends there are, to leverage them into better career management & more effective job search methods.

In mid-September, we decided to extend our job market observations with a focus on LinkedIn to countries outside Europe to gain a more global insight. This is the third report on our findings and this time it’s about the 20 biggest economies in the world.

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Best of 2020: (un)healthy self-doubt, imposter syndrome, job search frustrations

Getting no results (= job offers) after months of trying – that sounds depressing no matter the situation. Thinking that something is wrong with you might be a natural reaction – but not the appropriate one! Here are two of our best 2020 articles with real examples of experienced managers and executives struggling on the job market:

(Un)healthy self-doubt during your job search

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Best of 2020: Dealing with your emotions during your job search process

Emotions can run high when you’re looking for a job. Especially if you haven’t received any satisfying offer in a long time. It’s not only because of the market – it might be because you’re not doing enough. And even if you think you can’t do more, there is always room for improvement. Here’s the list of our best 2020 articles with real examples of experienced managers and executives struggling on the job market:

Looking for a job half-heartedly (client case)

Candidate: all replies have been negative!

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#WiseWednesday: Malcolm Forbes

“Executives who get there and stay suggest solutions when they present the problems.” by Malcolm Forbes

LMGTFY: Malcolm Stevenson Forbes (1919 – 1990), American entrepreneur most known as the publisher of “Forbes” magazine, founded by his father. Avid promoter of capitalism and the free market. Won the Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement in 1974.