The basics of starting a job search

The Internet is a wonderful tool – it can help you find answers to all your nagging questions. The problem is that not all Internet sources give you the right answers. But don’t worry! We have recently found a great career-related online course offered by LinkedIn Learning. And we want to share it with you!

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Job Hunting Director – Drawn

 Written & drawn by Aneta Böhm-Czechowicz

Networking with/by Executive Recruiters

We are truly passionate about sharing relevant knowledge on job hunting process and therefore we
do not refrain from recommending valuable articles from external sources.

The article we have recently stumbled upon was prepared by Blue Steps and it is called “Top Tips to Becoming a Better Networker with Executive Recruiters”. It sure can be tricky and, as the article suggests, and there are 5 very important things to remember:
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Tips from Candidate turned Headhunter

We like sharing articles and texts worth reading. Here is one more that was published under the title “Why Headhunters Don’t Return Your Calls”.

Allow us to quote one of the best fragments:

You need to accept the fact, that headhunters are retained by clients and not candidates. In other words, Read more

Relocation & networking

Ready to relocate? Thinking about it?

Then let’s operate under the following 2 assumptions:
1) “Fortune favors the prepared”
2) You need to activate all 4 job channels – networking, direct application, headhunters, online job ads – to generate a job offer

Here some valuable tips on how to approach the networking part when relocating:
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Changing roles & industries

How complicated is it to find a new job? It depends. Generally, there are three scenarios that we differentiate when it comes to complexity and duration of the job hunting process:

  • Standard: when looking for a job in line with one’s experience, competences and interest
  • Medium: when looking for a job in line with one’s competences BUT outside the key industry
  • Difficult: looking for a job outside one’s core industry and experience

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Old (career) advice on a market with new rules?

It’s hard to imagine, but there is a report that we are excited about:
“Rewriting the rules for the digital age”
2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

It is the best paper that we have found and read on how the different players on the market are dealing with the digital age. It perfectly compares the old with the new rules.

Aside from the fact that you, experienced managers, have to be ready for the on-going changes as managers / leaders, you have to be ready as individuals who still want to have a career in 5 or 7 or 10 years. Quoting a fragment: Read more

Taking Charge of Your Executive Job Search

AltoPartners shared their take on “Taking Charge of Your Executive Job Search”, explaining minutely how each stage of an ideal process looks like.

It touches, i.a. upon:

  • Ideal Job Preferences (IJPs)
  • CV
  • Pro-active Job Seeking Contact activities
  • Interview

Three things that we’d like to comment upon:

Comment #1
Under “Pro-active Job Seeking Contact Activities”, they list the activities from the most effective down to the least effective ones – finishing it up with cold contacting companies directly. As we’ve argued in the post “I am an executive, it’s not proper to send my CV directly”, this form of contact is actually one of the most effective ones. Find the full data for 2016 here:

Comment #2:
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Reply or delete – what does your email to recruiters cause?

Based on our statistics we know that under the assumption that

  • your CV is flawless & targeted
  • you’ve drafted a well-written and “good” cover email

between 30-50% of recruiters and decision makers WILL reply to your (unsolicited) application.

What does “good” mean?
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