Outplacement – from the participant’s point of view

According to the very definition of outplacement, despite the undeniable advantages for companies, the service is essentially about helping employees.

What do they expect from outplacement?

In 2016 a survey was conducted among companies in Poland, which started or where about to start an outplacement program. The companies were asked about what their employees value / valued most in the offered services. According to Izabela Michaliszyn who summarized the results:
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How to effectively work with headhunters

Let’s first understand what part headhunters play when looking for a job. We define 4 steps which constitute the basic structure of the job search process. The steps are as follows:

  • Goal: determine what your dream / target job should be like
  • USP: discover your strengths that’ll help you stand out on the job market
  • Documents: adapt your application documents and LinkedIn profile
  • Interviews: generate interest and job offers using ALL for channels:
    • Networking
    • Direct application (contacting decision makers directly)
    • Headhunters ← this is where recruiters come in!
    • (Online) job ads

Our statistics from 2012 – 2017 show that contacting Executive Search firms accounts for 18-23% of accepted job offers. In other words: worth doing!

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Looking for a job & the Internet

Continuing our series of posts that summarize LinkedIn Learning videos focusing on career, let’s move on to the course called “Job Hunting Online”. Here are some reasons why you will greatly benefit from investing the 1 hour 55 minutes in watching it. You will learn:

  • how to use LinkedIn outside of how you might know or use it: only as a professional.
  • networking online platform. There are way more options that will help you search for a job than you think.

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Figuring out the strategy

In the previous post of this series we wrote about one of the job hunting related courses offered by LinkedIn Learning called “Managing your Career” which covers the basics of starting a job search. Now it’s time to figure out a strategy.

The brilliantly concise video “Job Search Strategies” offers a comprehensive guide to topics ranging from online tools to manage the job search, your online presence and searching for a job on the Internet over to networking and headhunters.

Key highlights of this 40-minute course:
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