Best of 2020: Outplacement services – how to treat your future former employess

CV-19 has forced many companies to switch to the “crisis-mode” which for many meant reducing budgets and/or personnel and/or salaries. People were suddenly left without a job. How important is employer branding to you? Supporting your (future) former employees when they need it the most is the best way to show your employees and future candidates that you do care.

Paraphrasing an ad, “When in crisis mode, be yourself. Unless you are rude, then be somebody else.

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Best of 2020: (un)healthy self-doubt, imposter syndrome, job search frustrations

Getting no results (= job offers) after months of trying – that sounds depressing no matter the situation. Thinking that something is wrong with you might be a natural reaction – but not the appropriate one! Here are two of our best 2020 articles with real examples of experienced managers and executives struggling on the job market:

(Un)healthy self-doubt during your job search

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Best of 2020: Dealing with your emotions during your job search process

Emotions can run high when you’re looking for a job. Especially if you haven’t received any satisfying offer in a long time. It’s not only because of the market – it might be because you’re not doing enough. And even if you think you can’t do more, there is always room for improvement. Here’s the list of our best 2020 articles with real examples of experienced managers and executives struggling on the job market:

Looking for a job half-heartedly (client case)

Candidate: all replies have been negative!

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#WiseWednesday: Malcolm Forbes

“Executives who get there and stay suggest solutions when they present the problems.” by Malcolm Forbes

LMGTFY: Malcolm Stevenson Forbes (1919 – 1990), American entrepreneur most known as the publisher of “Forbes” magazine, founded by his father. Avid promoter of capitalism and the free market. Won the Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement in 1974.

Best of 2020: Recruitment practices

Quoting Jason Shen, “The hiring systems we built in the 20th century are failing us and causing us to miss out on people with incredible potential”. We agree. Career Angels has pioneered #HireCompetenciesNotCV – allowing i.a. candidates who would traditionally be categorized “non-standard” into our recruitment process. We hire without interviewing. More about our approach, recent developments and interesting tools and KPIs in these articles:

CVs are one of the worst tools to select candidates: Having a professional, perfect CV that clearly reflects why you should be hired should be obvious for every professional serious about their career. Unfortunately, it’s not.

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Best of 2020: LinkedIn algorithm, LinkedIn personas, LinkedIn activity

How often have you been contacted by an Executive Search Consultant with a great opportunity via LinkedIn? How often have prospects asked you for a meeting or a proposal thanks to LinkedIn? If the answer is zero or “not often enough”, read the following articles!

LinkedIn User Personas – which one are you or your employees? How do you or your team members behave on LinkedIn? Do you know what influence your activity has on other users and/or your professional goal?

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Events this week: we are taking a break!

You won’t meet us this week. It’s time to charge out batteries! We can proudly say that we have trained almost 3500 people in 2020. That “kind of happened” based on requests we receive from people and organizations that know us and our quality. We thank everyone for their cooperation and we hope for more in 2021. Having said that, we’ve already been booked for 20+ webinars, lectures, bootcamps and alike in 2021!

If you can’t get enough of us, here two ideas:

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Best of 2020: CVs, CVs for humans, CVs for ATS, 2-column CVs

2020 accelerated several trends, incl. the use of ATS in recruitment processes – which also applies to senior and executive roles. If you are thinking about looking for a job, here are our best (and still current) articles on CVs:

5 reasons why 2-column CVs don’t work: “Eye-catching” design, unusual layout, more and more free templates available to the public are tempting candidates to create a 2-column CV. They don’t work!

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Best of 2020: Online, digital, leadership presence, Zoom fatigue

2020 has made our lives more digital and online – for better or worse. Here are our best articles where we show how to avoid common mistakes and adjust to the new situation:

6 things you are doing on video calls that are killing your leadership presence: Noise in the background, “blurry” videos, dirty dishes on your desk – just to name a few mistakes that occur during video calls – that heavily impact your leadership presence.

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Best of 2020: How CV-19 has changed the job market and job search processes

COVID-19 impacted everyone on the job market – also, or shall we say especially, professionals who didn’t expect it. Finding a way to adjust to the new situation can be difficult and frustrating.

Here are our best articles on getting through the job search process in light of CV-19:

CV-19: an opportunity for – some – candidates: People who have lost their jobs are not necessarily the candidates that the job market is hiring. There is a certain mismatch between supply and demand. Which competencies are sought after? Which candidates are attractive? How can you be one of them?

COVID-19 + Your Career & Job Search: What should you do with your job search in light of the coronavirus? We have prepared a step-by-step guide with practical tips & resources! This material was shared more than 100 times on LinkedIn.

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