Best of 2020: CVs, CVs for humans, CVs for ATS, 2-column CVs

2020 accelerated several trends, incl. the use of ATS in recruitment processes – which also applies to senior and executive roles. If you are thinking about looking for a job, here are our best (and still current) articles on CVs:

5 reasons why 2-column CVs don’t work: “Eye-catching” design, unusual layout, more and more free templates available to the public are tempting candidates to create a 2-column CV. They don’t work!

Hack ATS – a step-by-step guide on how to prepare an ATS-compliant CV: Find out how ATS work and how you can adapt your CV to them to increase your chances of getting invited to an interview!

7 Tips: how to take a good photo for your CV with your phone: A good photo can visually carry the entire CV – as you can base the color scheme on it or use it to solidify your personal branding. With today’s quality of smartphone cameras, you can easily take a good photo with your phone.

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