5 reasons why 2-column CVs don’t work

“Eye-catching” design, unusual layout, more and more templates available to the public that are tempting candidates to create a 2-column CV. Here’s why they don’t work:

1. They dont work well with ATS systems – ATS aren’t programmed to read the left side of your CV and then the right side (each one separately), that’s why they won’t be able to read 2-columns properly. Look at the picture below to see how exactly ATS will read your 2-column CV.

2. Difficult to read = wastes recruiterstime: two columns break up the visual field, resulting in more read time. Recruiters spend on average 6 seconds viewing your resume before they decide to look into it further or reject it. If they need additional time to figure out what’s actually going on…

3. Formatting gets distorted online: your CV can look very different when someone else opens the file on their own device. While the .pdf will always looks neat, once you send the open format, 2-column CV get usually horribly scrambled up.

4. Wastes space: on additional lines, columns, and white space which means – the space goes towards other things than keywords. The left column only fits brief bits of information like your name and contact information. According to CareerChoiceGuide.com, it steals 25% of the space, you could put to better use: by showing your competencies / achievements.

5. Its not user-friendly: especially, if you are not familiar with text file formatting, adapting your CV to 2-columns can take a long time if you want everything to line up perfectly.

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