Best 5 videos on Career & Job Search

If you are not into reading but prefer your content in video form – this is definitely for you. For all others, read the transcript. With all the content on the www, it’s difficult to find the really good stuff. If you are just a little bit as busy as us, we always wonder, “Will it be worth our time?”.

These 5 videos – assuming that you are career-aware and are (thinking about) looking for a job – are worth it. In order of viewing:

The Basics of starting a job search talks about:

  • the awareness of needs and goals
  • how to get started (obviously)
  • adding a structure to the process to prevent unnecessary hick-ups
  • finding/creating your story.

Figuring out the strategy looks in details into:

  • off and online tools & its efficiency
  • discusses all channels
  • candidate visibility by spending time on exploring realistic options for everybody
  • how to track the whole process to not get lost, which by the way is a key element in the success or failure of the overall search

Mastering the art of writing CVs covers with the goal to not only produce legible content but also one that is a pleasure to read:

  • CV types
  • nailing the profile summary
  • expressing achievements
  • handling shorter or longer breaks
  • layout and formatting

Looking for a job & the Internet shows you how to maximize:

  • LinkedIn – there’s much, much more to it, especially as it’s constantly evolving
  • Google – yes, really, especially when trying to find the most relevant headhunters
  • online search skills – in other words: how to become an online detective

Transitioning our of your job discusses how to deal with the stress and all the other byproducts of the whole process across all three stages:

  • before quitting
  • while on notice
  • once you leave

LinkedIn has done a good job in preparing this content! We can only recommend it!

Are you currently in looking for a job? Are you thinking about it? Or maybe there’s a particular bit where you get stuck? Or a very specific aspect you’d like to discuss? Would you like to talk about it confidentially? Send an email to Bichl.Sandra (at) or click here. Please note: the call of approx. 45 min is confidential, non-obligatory and free of charge.