Transitioning Out of Your Job

Leaving your job? Or just thinking of leaving your job? If your answer to one of these questions is “yes” you might want to think about how to deal with the stress and all the other byproducts of the whole process.

This topic is covered by the last (but not least) video of the LinkedIn Learning video series concerning career & job search. Here’s a sneak peek of the content:

  • “before”: leaving any job is an emotional experience that can be a little unsettling. How will you deal with the whole range of emotions you’ll experience then? One of the ideas is to come up with a list of pros and cons of leaving so that you can choose what’s truly best for you. And once you make that decision, don’t let yourself fall into a downward spiral of “what if’s”
  • “during”: you’re 100% sure you’re leaving. What next? Should I give notice to my boss face-to-face or by email? How do I say goodbye to my team? Will they make it without me? You might find yourself wondering about these and similar things. A good piece of advice: be professional in everything you do and don’t let your emotions take over
  • “after”: after you leave your job but before you start looking for another one, take some time to reflect on:
    • what you accomplished
    • what new skills you acquired
    • what kind of new relationships you made.

This way you’ll realize that although you lost your job, you also gained a lot!

To watch the whole video, click here.

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Are you currently in transition? Will you soon be? Are your emotions supporting you? How’s the stress? Would you like to talk about it confidentially? Send an email to Bichl.Sandra (at) or click here. Please note: the call of approx. 45 min is confidential, non-obligatory and free of charge.