Looking for a job & the Internet

Continuing our series of posts that summarize LinkedIn Learning videos focusing on career, let’s move on to the course called “Job Hunting Online”. Here are some reasons why you will greatly benefit from investing the 1 hour 55 minutes in watching it. You will learn:

  • how to use LinkedIn outside of how you might know or use it: only as a professional.
  • networking online platform. There are way more options that will help you search for a job than you think.

  • how to expand your list of headhunters: maybe your friends or colleagues have recommended some headhunters to you, but – based on our experience and data – we know that you’ll need approx. 20-40 headhunters per country, depending on the size of the market. Learn how to use simple Google search to find and contact recruiters.
  • how to become an online detective. Using the most popular job ad portals may not be enough if you want to maximize your chances of landing a job of your dreams. If you are a senior executive, it’ll definitely not. Get to know how to become a bit of an online detective and thoroughly check websites of your target companies in order to find information on job openings they offer.

Additionally, you’ll also find some tips on how to use other career platforms, such as Glassdoor, Monster.com or even Twitter in your online job search. Definitely worth considering!

To watch the whole course, click here.

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