The basics of starting a job search

The Internet is a wonderful tool – it can help you find answers to all your nagging questions. The problem is that not all Internet sources give you the right answers. But don’t worry! We have recently found a great career-related online course offered by LinkedIn Learning. And we want to share it with you!

The video course “Managing your career” is essentially the basics of how to go about finding a new job. Most importantly it is in line with our approach to job hunting and a very useful addition to our Free Materials file “Job Hunting Strategy”.

But why would you spend full 40 minutes of your time watching this course, you may ask. Here are 3 reasons:

  • The topic: you probably know that in order to find a job you have to prepare application documents, start generating job interviews et cetera. But it doesn’t just magically happen and it certainly doesn’t happen right away. The course gives you advice on how to start and become more aware of your needs and goals
  • The manual: it is a step-by-step type of learning tool, basically a manual for getting your job hunting process going. It can help you give structure to the whole process. For example: before you start sending out application documents hoping for the best, find out where you would like to work exactly and customize your CV in order to “sell a story” that will tell your potential employer that you are a perfect match for a certain position
  • The formula: the course is divided into several approximately 2-minute videos; each of them covers a specific issue, such as: “identifying your skills” or “considering your options”. So you don’t have to watch all of it at once and you can easily go back to the parts which interest you the most

You can find the whole course here.

Are you unsure of how to plan the process of finding a new job? Maybe you don’t know where to start and would like to talk about it confidentially during a free 45-minute career consultation? To schedule one, send an email to or simply click here.