#34 Oh Really? “Top 100 Career Development Blogs & Websites for Career Advice & Guidance in 2020”

When we work with our clients, we focus on them – not us. As a result, when one of our consultants do share something, the main reaction is, “Oh, really? I didn’t know!”. We will, therefore, do better! :)

Job Search Webinars: 14 reasons why it’s (still) worth watching them

We’ve collected some feedback and impressions from the participants of both editions of our Open Webinars. Here’s what they think of our initiative and how has it helped them so far:

I have made it to the final round with one job […]. Your tips helped because I contacted the CMO directly. They respect my effort so far in terms of applying […]. I don’t know what will happen, but you helped so much!
External Consultant

I got invited for an interview […] and the recruiter asked me for my CV, therefore I sent the one I had prepared based on Open Webinars. During the interview, I was answering questions using the STAR method. Then I got invited for the second interview […]. I do believe that recruiters have a better first impression once reading my tidy, improved CV.
A big thank you to Career Angels for providing such useful tips!
Financial Controller

Thank you for the support! I modified my CV and the screening calls are going much better for me now. I have had a few interviews so far […]. Another useful piece of advice was to get in touch with headhunters. I am slowly building my network.
Professional Development & Learning Lead
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Hidden Job Market Y20W33

This week we’ve researched job ads for executives across Europe and have found gems like the following:

  • Managing Director – DACH @ sennder
  • Chief Sales Officer (CSO) @ Medloop Ltd.
  • VP People @ OneFootball
  • Finance Director EMEA @ HOYA Surgical Optics
  • Software Development Director @ HARMAN International

Here the full list:

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Where will you meet us?

Do you want to be always up to date with the Career Angels? To have access to the latest trends? Data? Methodology? Read this blog post to get access to one of our many lectures, webinars, podcasts, webcasts, training sessions and alike!

This week (#33):
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Market Signals (Week 32)

The art of interpreting signals (precursors of trends) is – and always has been – important in navigating financial markets and economies. If you are an experienced manager or executive who wants to manage their career and/or job search processes wisely, look at the signals of the job market which are inseparably embedded in the VUCA landscape of today’s world.

We usually keep the collected data to ourselves. But these are not usual times, so we decided to share our insights at the end of each week. If the country / context is important, we’ll add them. Otherwise, we’ll keep it general for confidentiality.

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Career Consultant

We offer:

  • multiple trainings and opportunities to develop new skills and acquire new knowledge; you don’t have to be a Career Consultant – you can learn it with us
  • interesting work with experienced managers across various industries
  • remuneration: from 17 EUR / h (during the training) to 25 EUR / h (once your induction process is completed – it’s doable in 3 months, but you set the pace)
  • sales commission of up to 17.5% depending on the size of the project
  • work with an international, experienced team: https://bit.ly/2sWoL50
  • support from our team of assistants at every step
  • all necessary work tools, incl. laptop
  • work from home or from the office (Warsaw)
  • flexible working hours (min. of 20 h per week)

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Introduction to Market Signals (Week 32)

Before there are trends, there are signals! One KPI that Career Angels track to observe changes on the job market is the number of published job ads on LinkedIn.

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Free Materials: E-mail address search

The most effective method when job hunting on an executive level is the direct contact with decision makers. How can you obtain the e-mail address of e.g. the CEO of a company that does not disclose it on their website? Here you can find some useful tips that will make your search successful!

You’ll find the following information:
Standard methods for finding an email address: company’s website, Google, Yahoo, business social media sites.
Sophisticated methods of finding an email address.
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Summer is…what summer?

This summer is different from the summers that we are used to. Lots of candidates, recruiters and decision makers:
1) already had to take their vacation days
2) don’t feel safe travelling
3) don’t have the financial stability to go on holidays

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Remote work: a double-edged sword!

Something our team has been doing since 2013, has become a reality for many, many, many companies and their employees:

working from home

For some employees, it’s a new found freedom and/or time savings as they don’t need to commute anymore; and for some rather something closer to a nightmare as they are lacking the right conditions at home or are simply missing the social interaction in real life.

For some companies, it’s an opportunity to save costs or a management challenge – leading people remotely requires a different set and level of competencies.

It’s a double-edged sword.

For us, it has worked to our advantage – just to name a few examples:
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