How many planes are in the sky? (Acing interviews)

Does the thought of your upcoming interview make you shiver and your heart bump? Maybe you haven’t had an interview for a long time? Maybe you are used to being the one running the show?

Irrespectively of the reason, we encourage you to take a look at the LinkedIn Learning video sharing tricks for acing your interview. We chose the most interesting points for you as a sneak peak:

There are 4 interview formats:
Phone, one-to-one, panel and online video. Each of them requires a different type of preparation! When it comes to interview questions, the most common types recruiters use are: behavioural, situational and resume-based. Why such a wide range of questions? They try to evaluate (and sometimes verify) and predict your behaviour, analytical skills and your past experiences included in your CV. It is definitely a good idea to practice your answers beforehand!

At the interview: be sure to make a good first impression, both with your professional outfit and behaviour: friendly smile and punctuality. Your body language is more important than you think – keeping good posture and eye contact is underestimated. Warning! If you are interviewed in a different country, make sure that you are familiar with its body language culture to prevent a faux-pas eliminating you from the candidates pool. Having heard a tricky question, candidates often experience confusion forgetting that “how many planes are in the sky now?” is nothing more than a way to test your thought process. Nobody requires a right answer! If you encounter an illegal question or find it offensive, politely change the topic or redirect the question.

After: having completed the interview, you treat it as a lesson for the future. Realistically assess your performance, it will be of immeasurable help for your next interview! It goes without saying that you should thank your interviewer for the meeting. This will make you stand out as a polite and well-educated person.

To watch the entire video click here.

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