Free* & high-quality resources for your career management and job search 2021

We know that times are still difficult for some. And for others, they might become difficult this year looking at the increase in unemployment rates and the overall decrease in the number of job ads on LinkedIn. We also know that some want and / or need to be more careful with their budgets.

That’s why we’ve decided to offer many, many, many of our resources entirely, completely for free! Because at the end of the day – we are Angels for a reason! One of the examples from 2020: we’ve organized approx. 200 sessions with our network of career coaches and consultants for professionals who felt overwhelmed with the pandemic – especially at the beginning.

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If you are an active job hunter on a budget, watch the playlist called “Online Webinars – Job Search
Support” where we walk you through all four steps of the job search process, incl. online interviewing.

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Every week, we publish difficult to find job ad gems or opportunities directly from headhunters or employers. Request to join our group on LinkedIn called “Hidden Job Market for Experienced Managers in Europe”!

Facebook is one of the places where you’ll find us! Content that we publish only there: diaries kept by recently recruited team members who transparently share their first days, weeks & months with us – both their highlights & frustrations!

We publish most of our presentations and reports on Slideshare

We collect and analyze data relevant to the job market (unemployment rates, number of job ads), as well as, insights from 5,000+ Executive Search companies and almost 20,000 decision makers. We then observe if and what kind of trends there are to leverage them into better career management & more effective job search methods. Follow our LinkedIn page “Market Signals” for weekly reports and daily updates on the market trends & changes!

Tips, tricks, practical advice, cases, examples, inspirations – on a daily bases on the Career Angels Blog

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Career Angels invites managers and executives with min. 10 years of experience that are currently based in Europe to join the initiative and community Challenge Accepted Europe.

And, if you are a manager or executive with at least 10 years of experience, feel free to ask Career Angels for a free & non-binding:

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* almost for free: thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback during and after the webinars, we decided to produce a course on Udemy that we’ve recently published. If you don’t feel like putting the materials together on your own, sign up for it: Every step of the job search explained – backed by research! (highest rated in its category!) Over 14 hours of content, as well as, downloadable resources! We chose the cheapest possible price category to make it as accessible as possible.

Last not but least, click here to read our brand new Job Hunting Report 2020 that we’ve just published!