The decision maker’s email address

In 2012 50% of our clients accepted a job offer that was generated by directly contacting decision makers within their TOP20 companies. How can you obtain the e-mail address of e.g. the CEO of a company that does not disclose it on their website? Here you will find some useful tips that will make your search successful!

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STAR Exercise sheet

This file contains a description of the STAR technique that is very useful during interviews. It helps structure every project into: situation, task (goal), action and results. If you apply this technique during the preparation to an interview, you will remember the most important things about concrete examples. We definitely recommend it!

Important: it’s not about memorizing your answers! It’s about understanding and practicing the structure!

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Virtual behaviour (tips)

Do you want to know which mistakes you should avoid in the virtual world? How should you behave to make a positive impression? You can find such recommendations in the new pdf added to the Free Material called “How (not) to behave in the virtual world”. Happy reading!

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Interview Preparation

What should you know going to an interview? Do you have the skills mentioned in the job description? Can you justify them with precise examples? How much do you know about your prospect employer? The format below will help you collect all essential information so that you are 110% prepared!

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Happy 1st year to JHD

It’s already been a year! A year ago, we published the English version of our e-book: Job Hunting Director. We’ve had fantastic feedback and our readers have recommended it online and among their friends. Thank you!

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Interview Guide

When was the last time you took part in an interview as a candidate? Are you ready for unexpected questions? Should you wait to be contacted or try calling the interviewer after the interview? You will find the answers to those and other questions in the attachment.

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Job Hunting Strategy

Do you know where you really want to work? What is your dream job? How many ways of actively looking for a job do you know? The file below will help you systematize your information and create your individual job hunting strategy.

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