Best of 2023: #SharingIsCaring

Best of 2023: #SharingIsCaring

One of the things we are known for is our commitment to openly and transparently sharing our data, expertise, and know-how. As we reflect on our accomplishments in 2023, we’re proud of the extensive reach we’ve achieved through various platforms such as webinars, lectures, and live sessions.

(Content) Sharing is Caring: in Numbers

Over the past 12 months, we’ve delivered 145 events (that’s 41 more than in 2022) – in English, Polish and German. In total, we’ve had the privilege of connecting with over 5,700 amazing professionals through our talks, lectures, webinars, training sessions, and with another 5,500 through our live events on LinkedIn! Such events take place based on requests we receive from people and organizations that know us and our quality. We thank everyone for their cooperation and look forward to more!

As we prepare for the new year, let’s highlight some of the fantastic events that took place in 2023:

  • 9 webinars for POLIMI Graduate School of Management
  • 6 webinars for WU Executive Academy
  • 4 “Let’s talk career!” talks for Siemens Women Network and 1 Perfect CV webinar for Siemens
  • 3 webinars for Vlerick Business School
  • 5 webinars on building a career strategy for Leading Women
  • 8 two-day weekend lectures & final exam as part of our post-graduate degree “Career Advisory – Managing the Development and Change of Career Paths”
  • dozens of webinars and conferences for i.a. ACCA, Kozminski University, Swiss Business School, SkillSprint and many more!
  • Warsaw University of Technology Business School deserves a special mention as we designed & delivered:
    ◦  the “Doradztwo Kariery w Praktyce” post-graduate degree (more information below)
    ◦  3 open days to promote the above-mentioned degree
    ◦  9 webinars as part of the “Talent Tree” career program
    ◦  Career Management Strategies webinar for Executive MBA

During the events, we delved into topics such as:

  • career management
  • networking
  • personal branding, executive identity
  • salary negotiations
  • drastic changes on the job market
  • job search for executives
  • anything and everything around LinkedIn
  • HR trends and threats
    …and many, many more!

We also delivered events of our own, e.g.

As you can see, it’s been a busy year, but we’re not slowing down – we’ve already been invited to speak at more than 54 (!) events, conferences or lectures in 2024! And we have the capacity for more! If you would like to invite us to speak at your organization, please contact You can also visit our page dedicated to Business Schools for additional directions.

Career Management & Job Search Initiatives

Beyond our events, we have continued our other initiatives to support professionals in their career journey. This includes the CSR project – a program for 5 managers (selected from 34) with 15+ years of experience who had been struggling with job search for at least 9 months; one of them had been unemployed for more than 4 years. Read the details of the program “(in)effective candidate – summary of the CSR program”.

Educating the next generation of Career Consultants

We also continued to educate and train the next generation of Career Consultants, with the purpose of improving the quality of services in our profession, by organizing:

  • the post-graduate degree “Doradztwo Kariery w Praktyce” at the Warsaw University of Technology Business School – recruitment for the second and third module is still open!
  • 2 open Career Consultant Courses
  • 2 in-house Career Consultant Courses (for one of the largest and most influential banks in the world and for a leading Polish recruitment company)

If you’d like to receive information about the next editions or an offer for an in-house training in your company, don’t hesitate to contact us: