(in)effective candidate – summary of the CSR program

(in)effective candidate – summary of the CSR program

(in)effective candidate – summary of the CSR program

A candidate with more than 15 years of professional experience would expect that looking for a job is never going to be a challenge again, and that attractive offers are going to flow in without any effort. Unfortunately, the reality is often different – a job search, even for someone with years of professional background, can drag on for months. What are the reasons for that? The most common ones given by candidates are age and being “over-qualified”… But, in our experience, it is the lack of use of modern tools that is the main factor of ineffective job search.

Our CSR activities have confirmed it again. In April 2023, we started recruiting for a free program to support people who:

  • have 15+ years of work experience
  • have been struggling with their job search for a min. of 9 months

are able to devote 4-5 hours a day to their job search, with our support.

Filling out the form was a requirement for participation. We received 34 applications.

In the end, we invited 5 people to the program and they received FREE support from us (1:1).

The program consisted of 6 sessions (up to 2 hours each), during which a Career Angel worked together with a candidate on their job search strategy and its execution. The program included:

  • developing application tools: CV, LinkedIn profile, personalized list of headhunters, list of potential employers, CV for ATS, etc.
  • an individual interview simulation
  • access to all of our materials
  • a space for networking and sharing experiences

Before each session, participants received materials to read and “homeworkto do. After each session, they walked out with palpable material, knowing exactly what to do next and how to do it. What’s more, the Career Angel shared constructive feedback at every stage of the program, which notably influenced the effectiveness of the tools and activities of the job search process.

Profiles and reflections of selected participants

Out of 5 participants:

  • one was excluded from the program, as they did not follow the rules – despite receiving two warnings
  • you can read about the other four below


Participant 1

Goal: Senior Plant Director
Years of experience: 19
Looking for a job since: April 2021
Status: new job found!

First of all, the program taught me how to use different job search channels and not to rely solely on responding to job ads. Now I understand that activating all four channels is essential for increasing my chances of finding my dream job.

The program allowed me to create a new CV that clearly presents my achievements. Now my document shows in an authoritative way what specific benefits I can bring to the organization. It has helped me stand out among competitors and attract the attention of employers. What’s more, the program helped me learn how to give more complete answers to recruiters’ questions. By analyzing specific situations from my professional life, I know I must provide examples and evidence to support my answers. The result? Just before the end of the program, I got a job!

Participant 2

Goal: Operations Director
Years of experience: 35
Looking for a job since: July 2022
Status: new temporary project found! Still looking for permanent employment

What did I like best?
High professionalism was evident in every element of the program: from the organization, materials and summaries after each session (including gentle rushing 😀) to the content. The materials provided were very concise and user-friendly, devoid of corporate newspeak or lengthiness. It was very helpful and encouraging. The connection with my Career Angel was great, I felt taken care of – as a mentally challenged person due to my age, which does not encourage potential employers to hire. Even if I don’t find a job (which is not the interpretation of the effectiveness of the program, but rather a measure of how I use it), the program itself was a value to me.

What has the project given me?
I have a feeling that I can achieve success, which for me is finding a job. I know how to steer my search depending on the channel I use to reach the job market. I am not afraid of hearing “no” from a headhunter or a recruiter, because I know that it’s important to keep trying. I have very well-prepared application documents, such as a CV, a cover email to headhunters or decision makers, and I also know how to modify them according to my needs. I simply know how to look for a job, how to navigate the market, and the rest depends on how I use it.

What surprised me the most?
The individual, personalized approach. The program has a certain framework established and supported by the experience of the Angels, but this is not the only valid method, it is only the foundation on which you build the other elements and the whole program tailored to the person and the situation in which they find themselves. Concrete real-life examples (without any personal information), not invented, fictional ones. Answers to all questions – this proves how thoroughly the program and issues are thought-through and reworked.

What elements were the greatest value of the program?
The greatest value of the program – for me – was the Angel themselves. The knowledge, the calmness, the composure, the facilitation of the whole thing. I felt that I was in good hands. Thank you!

In addition, I valued the content and order, building a sense of my worth in my eyes. I realized that I am not inferior just because I am older than others – I have something to be proud of, I know how to use it and how not to be afraid to do it. I know how to convey information about myself, how to communicate my values in the right way, where to start, what is the most important and what is secondary in a recruitment process.

I am very happy that I applied and that I was selected. Thank you.

Participant 3

Goal: Marketing Director
Years of experience: 29
Looking for a job since: 2019
Status: in recruitment processes

What did I like best?
I liked the whole program, especially the comprehensive approach to the job search process including multiple channels. I had participated in an outplacement program once before. I hadn’t even gain half the knowledge Career Angels have taught me. The other outplacement program was focused only on headhunters and didn’t address how to search for a job using the other channels!

What did the project give me?
I am finishing the project with my self-confidence restored (despite the fact that I haven’t found my dream job yet) and with a much broader knowledge on how to look for a job. I am leaving confident that I have someone to turn to if needed, and I don’t have to feel ashamed that I haven’t found a job yet 😊

What surprised me the most?
Definitely the effectiveness of the respective channels! And the fact that, invariably, headhunters remain the least effective channel.

What elements were the greatest value of the program?
– the questionnaire at the beginning of the program, which helped to arrange in my head what I really want and to put it on paper
– writing a CV from scratch and creating a version for ATS
– improving my profile on LinkedIn
simulating a job interview
– Career Angels’ help in finding companies and email addresses
– my Career Angel’s professional approach to the whole process (a distanced, demanding and motivating attitude, with palpable empathy). My Angel’s personality and experience helped me a lot in going through the program and getting everything I described before out of it.

Participant 4

Goal: Sales Director
Years of experience: 28
Looking for a job since: August 2022
Status: in recruitment processes

The program allowed me to understand what I had been doing wrong while looking for a job and, most importantly, it helped me prepare and execute a proper job search strategy, maximize my activities and make them more effective. Your program is one of the best (if not the best) outplacement programs for executives on the Polish market. I can say it with absolute certainty, as I have a comparison with another project of this type.

The program is very thought-through and well-structured. You can tell that Career Angels has the know-how and extensive experience in this field, and what is probably most important – the program is effective. It helps define the job search goal well, create a unique profile (USP) and prepare the necessary tools (CV, CV for ATS, and LinkedIn profile). Finally, it helps to prepare for an interview.

What surprised me?
Previously, I had thought I had a good CV, a LinkedIn profile, and that I knew how to present myself in a job interview. During the program, I discovered something new and important in each of these elements. When it comes to CVs, it was crucial to prepare a unique “profile summary” of me, listing my most important areas of specialization and competence, backed up by measurable successes.

The interview simulation and the feedback I received from my Angel solidified in my mind the need to set a specific goal for myself before each interview, and that this goal may be different for interviews with headhunters, CEOs or HR professionals. Before, I don’t think I had fully understood that this mattered so much. Now, I see that it is extremely important, and I will always do it from now on.

What did I enjoy?
In addition to a huge dose of knowledge and skills, my Career Angel also gave me a lot of motivation and energy to take action. Thanks to their help, I feel mentally stronger. Probably, this last element is not important for everyone, but for me it is, and I am grateful for that as well!

Admittedly, I haven’t found a new job yet, but I have a firm belief that thanks to Career Angels I will manage to do so. I have implemented a concrete action plan, I know what further steps I still need to take to make my search successful. Thank you very much!

If, as our participants, you need support in your job search, send your CV along with a brief description of your situation and any questions to Contact@CareerAngels.eu, subject: Free Career Consultation.

To save time, send us your availability for a 20-30 minute Google Meet call. Suggest 2-3 dates within the next 14 days, but no sooner than the day after the next business day – we need time to respond and prepare.