Best of 2022 – Career Advisory postgraduate studies

Best of 2022 – Career Advisory postgraduate studies

Best of 2022 – Career Advisory postgraduate studies

The year 2022 marks the 12th anniversary of Career Angels, one of the first career advisory companies. We have clients from all over the world. Since 2014, we have been giving lectures in top Business Schools across Europe. Our biggest recognition in 2022 was the completion of the first edition of “our” postgraduate studies “Career Advisory for Kozminski University, as well as continuing them with great lecturers and practitioners as guest speakers.

We are very proud of this project because for the second edition we have assembled a very varied, interesting, and mature group. The average work experience is 13 years – starting from 3, through 16, up to 22 years of experience. 85% of them work in broadly-defined hard and soft HR in positions and/or roles such as coach, HR Manager, HR BP, HR Psychologist, and recruitment coordinator. The rest work in teaching and shaping the customer experience.

Why Career Advisory postgraduate studies?

You ask: why would somebody who’s got 16 or 22 years of experience “need” such studies? Mainly to “organize their knowledge” and to prepare for the last stage of their careers. Here are some other reasons which helped the students decide to enroll in these studies (apart from the reputation of Kozminski University and Career Angels):

  • “I feel confident in HR-related topics and I want to develop in this direction”

  • “I want to organize my knowledge and learn a lot of practical information that I will be able to use within the organization

  • “I have been looking for something like these studies for a long time – I found the most practice in the description of the program”

  • “I want to update my knowledge and exchange experiences with others”

  • “I wanted to practice the skills I gathered in my professional group and expand them as a coach – my goal is to organize the knowledge I already have”

  • “I did my research and compared many different programs; I’ve watched the Career Angels webinars which turned out to be very practical – I appreciate the great value for money

  • “I’m not from HR and I wanted to expand my knowledge to be able to find a better job

  • “The topic of Career Advisory is close to my heart – I consider myself to be a career consultant. I would like to commercialize it”

  • “I am a non-practicing coach; I found these studies interesting because of the possibility of deepening my knowledge”

  • “First of all, I wanted to support HRBP more professionally after the reorganization that took place in my company, and secondly – after the pandemic, I simply needed a refresher”

  • I’m building internal HR with my own resources; I want to consolidate my knowledge so as not to act in the dark”

Career Advisory postgraduate studies – summary

1st Meeting

On November 5th, 2022, we started with lots of energy, and, to our students’ surprise, in a very practical manner! The topic of the first weekend was “The work methodology of a Career Consultant” and it covered:

  • The competencies of an effective career consultant
  • Client typology
  • A set of questions to diagnose client needs
  • The initial interview with the “prospective client”
  • The Code of Ethics

If you want to learn more about the topics mentioned above, read the summary of the 1st meeting.

2nd Meeting

The first day of the 2nd meeting was hosted by Anna Zadrożna, who focused on the topic of “Tools and tests in identification and verification of professional goal”. The formula of this day was slightly different from the previous ones, as each student prepared a description of a test of their choice from a pool of the most common tests used on the market, to, among other things, assess their usefulness when working with clients who are just starting their career path or those professionally experienced, who, for example, are at the crossroads. After each mini-presentation, we discussed the pros and cons of the presented diagnostic tools.

Among the presented and discussed tests were: Extended DISC, MBTI, SHL OPQ, Hogan, Insights Discovery, Reiss, IQ, Schein Anchors, HAT, CliftonStrengths (Gallup), and FRIS.

You can learn more about the 2nd meeting here.

3rd Meeting

The third weekend started with the topic “The Psychology of Change” on December 3rd at 8:45 with Ph.D. Paweł Fortuna. As a warm-up, he asked the students the following question: “Is there a need to go outside one’s comfort zone?” During the lectures he also mentioned:

  • Strategies motivated by our fear of failure
  • The functions of complaining
  • Facilitating change – from the perspective of a mentor, role model, and coach

There were also lectures given on “Working with resistance and limiting beliefs” and “Leadership Development Techniques”. If you want to learn more, read the summary after the 3rd meeting.

We will keep you informed about our students and the progress of our studies.
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