Career Advisory postgraduate studies – after the third weekend

Career Advisory postgraduate studies – after the third weekend

Career Advisory postgraduate studies – after the third weekend

“I should change my job, but I’m not doing anything about it.”, “I need to rebrand”, “I feel like banging my head against a brick wall, I’ve stopped developing myself”, “I’m stuck and have no idea what to do next…” Sounds familiar? Sooner or later everyone is forced to face an important decision. It often comes along with resistance, fear of change, or getting outside of your comfort zone. These are our clients’ challenges, which every career consultant deals with regularly. Moreover, there are changes in trends in the job market, automation, the influence of technology, or just like it has been for some time now: a pandemic, which has changed the behaviour of the market’s players.
To be able to advise successfully, as well as support and motivate clients in making life-changing decisions, it is necessary to possess knowledge about psychology, coaching, and working with resistance.

The Psychology of Change. Working with resistance. L&D techniques.

The third weekend started with the topic “The Psychology of Change” on December 3rd at 8:45 with Ph.D. Paweł Fortuna. He asked the students the following question as a warm-up: “Is it necessary to go outside one’s comfort zone?” During the lecture he also mentioned:

  • The strategies motivated by fear of failure
  • The functions of complaining
  • Facilitating change – from the perspective of a mentor, role model, and a coach

Ph.D. Paweł Fortuna in a nutshell:
Business psychologist, author, and co-author of several books, the winner of the Theophrastus Prize for the best popular science book, triple winner of the “Book for Coach” award, from the Polish Association of Business Coaches. In business, he pursues innovative projects related to adapting to change, breaking down the routine, and searching for ways to create solid relationships.

The first day of the third weekend ended with Bożena Wujec’s lecture “The work with resistance and limiting beliefs”. She mentioned an important issue in our way of thinking, which affects our life, as well as defeating the barriers. During the lectures she also answered the following questions:

  • How do the beliefs form?
  • How can we recognize unconscious beliefs?
  • How can we change the perspective of our beliefs?
  • How can we consolidate desired beliefs?

Bożena Wujec in a nutshell:
Coach and intercultural trainer. MBA and postgraduate studies lecturer at numerous Polish and foreign universities. On a daily basis, she supports her own clients, as well as clients of consulting companies in EMEA, APAC, and USA, e.g. for “Center for Creating Leadership”. She leads coaching sessions for senior-level management and trainings in intercultural cooperation, diversity, and neuroscience.

The third day of the weekend was dedicated to “Leadership Development Techniques”, and the lecture was also conducted by Bożena Wujec. During the classes, she talked about various methods of diagnosing development needs and revealed how to set development areas and goals. Bożena also mentioned:

  • PRISM Brain Mapping and Assessment 360 diagnostic tool
  • Learning Agility – learning from your own experiences
  • GOLD model

Students’ thoughts after the third meeting

All of the lecturers were outstanding. I could listen to Mrs. Bożena Wujec all day long :) It was a very interesting and eye-opening topic. Paweł Fortuna was just brilliant. His class was so interesting that we only had a quick break and we went on with the material. He made us aware of what is behind people’s behaviour in the process of change. It was very interesting and inspiring. […] In my opinion, these studies were the best self-development decision I could have made, and I’m very content with them. I wait impatiently for every meeting”.

“Both days were very interesting to me. The lecturers had a completely different way of conducting the lectures. The first one gave us a lot of freedom and there was no proper structure, while the second worked with a plan. However, those differences didn’t influence my rating. Both classes were 5/5 and they awakened my curiosity and craving for knowledge”.

We will keep you informed about our students, as well as the progress of our studies. In the meantime, you can read about an example of a frustrated client who was searching for a job and didn’t see the expected outcomes.

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