Job Hunting Report 2015

Level, source, effectAs it is our tradition, we publish our and our clients’ statistics every year. We look at who are clients are in terms of:

  • Country of Origin
  • Job Hunting Area
  • Age
  • Industry

… and what they have achieved:

  • how many have found a new job?
  • how many decided to stay where they are?
  • how many started their own companies?

Here are the highlights:
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We are looking for the best!

We are currently looking for

1) Career Angels with proficiency in English & German (project-based)
Non-negotiable requirements:
– you have a minimum of 7 years in Executive Search
– you are eager (!) to learn

2) Multilingual Mini Angels (part-time)
– with proficiency in English in combination with e.g. German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Danish, etc.
– you are currently in your 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of studies

Please visit for full role descriptions.

Be aware of the “Paper Manager”!

If you have ever recruited a manager, you are probably familiar with the following:
– you receive dozens of CVs
– you delete 50% of them as they are inappropriate (eg.: an electrician from Ghana living in Vienna recently applied to our LinkedIn Job Ad for Career Angels)
– you sift through the rest and discard some more
– you select 10 to actually interview Read more

References – to check or not to check?

Reference checks are often used as a tool supporting the recruitment and candidate verification process, especially when it comes to recruiting managers and top executives.

Form: verbal or written?
My experience from recruitment firms shows that the vast majority of employers expect verbal references. What about recommendation / reference letters? Read more

Busy Beaver or Lazy Sloth?

sloth & beaverWe’ve already discussed the theory here.

As well as the following career types:
– transatory+: Tireless Kangaroo
– transatory: Wandering Butterfly
– spiral: Constant Chameleon
– expert: Loyal Dog
– linear: Royal Lion

This category was not included in the original research – we decided to add it as a bonus type. Why? Because irrespectively of your career personality, you might have (un)knowingly acquired characteristics of the busy beaver or the lazy sloth. Allow me to explain. Read more

We are looking for…

Bi- or trilingual Career Angels for DACH & CEE
– proficient German
– proficient English
– proficient Eastern European language, preferrably Hungarian

For more information visit our tab “we are hiring” on our website.

Tri-lingual Mini Angels = assistants to Career Angels
– proficient English
– proficient Polish
– proficient German or Russian

For more information click: here.

Help us spread the word. Especially if you know perfectionists!

In case of any questions, please contact:
for potential MiniAngels: Maria.Bozek (at)
for potential CareerAngels: Sandra.Bichl (at)