Job Hunting Report 2015

Level, source, effectAs it is our tradition, we publish our and our clients’ statistics every year. We look at who are clients are in terms of:

  • Country of Origin
  • Job Hunting Area
  • Age
  • Industry

… and what they have achieved:

  • how many have found a new job?
  • how many decided to stay where they are?
  • how many started their own companies?

Here are the highlights:

  • we’ve maintained our trend of going even more international with the majority of projects in Europe with a focus on CEE & DACH
  • we’ve -again- doubled our turnover

But more importantly for our clients, the source of accepted job offers comes from:

  • 50% Speculative Introduction (direct contact with prospect employers)
  • 20% Networking
  • 30% Executive Search Firms

Read the full report here.