What do Senior Executives want?

Why do Senior Leaders change their jobs or think about doing so? What are they looking for in their work / in their careers? What do you have to do to retain them?

According to DDI report from 2021, leaders want to learn by:

    • external coaching (48%)
    • developmental assignments (48%)
    • assessment to diagnose leadership strength (42%)
    • formal in-person training (39%)

How much time do they want to spend on learning? DDI says it’s ~7.5h/week (now they spend ~4.4h/week).

Besides, leaders who spend more time managing than interacting are:

  •  32% less engaged
  • 1.5x more likely to feel used-up at the end of the day
  • 2x more likely to leave their organization within 12 months

If you want to know more about current mood of Senior Leaders (of course with lots of stats and numbers!), have a look at our slides!

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