The brutal reality of COVID-19 consequences

Career Consultant Diary: Brutal reality of COVID-19 consequences by Sandra Bichl

Career Consultant Diary: Brutal reality of COVID-19 consequences

Being a Career Consultant for Executives is often misunderstood or romanticized or both. Sandra Bichl, founder of Career Angels and experienced international Career Consultant, decided to bring more transparency to her/our profession by sharing random days of her work in the form of a “diary” – the delay (sometimes of a year) ensures confidentiality. Below a comment from a client facing the brutal reality of COVID-19 consequences.

COVID-19’s influence on executive careers

Here is what Sandra shared on her LinkedIn profile: “I appreciate the trust that my clients place in me (and my team), but I have to say: sometimes, it is difficult to read about the brutal reality of COVID-19 consequences. An example: a super strong and smart senior lawyer’s husband wasn’t able to fully adapt as a freelancer to the harsh market and fighting for clients – making her financially a single mom with two kids (she had left the corporate world several years ago to establish herself as an independent lawyer) – who can only work when the nanny’s in, “Last month I could only pay the nanny because I exchanged foreign currencies that I won’t be needing any time soon […] My husband and I are in therapy.”

On the other hand, there are also very good and positive and optimistic moments: I love it when our clients take our approach and run with it… grasping our career management approach immediately and doing the Parameter Bidding exercise with their partner at home. We teach them, they get others involved. That helps increase awareness around career overall.”


If you are currently also experiencing challenging times professionally, know that you are not alone – many managers and executives are facing difficulties managing their careers too. In 2018, we set up a confidential community for professionals like yourselves under the name “Challenge Accepted”. We provide a safe space where you can exchange your experiences and support each other through listening, encouraging and giving information. Every meeting is an occasion not only to network but also to take part in a short case-based and/or content-driven lecture on a specific topic like “Leverage LinkedIn for your job search”, “Executive Identity” or “Headhunt a headhunter for your job search”. All participants are vetted and sign an NDA. To read more, especially on how to join, check out About Challenge Accepted Europe.

Sandra also mentioned the Parameter Bidding exercise. Not only does it help clarify how to move ahead in one’s career, but it also allows a person to objectively assess job offers they already have or soon will receive. The exercise consists of three parts. Firstly, you enlist the 10-15 most important criteria (parameters) that your next role should fulfil. Secondly, during the session, you “bid” those elements against each other to end up with – step 3 – an objective list of actual, “real” priorities or “must-have criteria”. That assessment matrix will show you what to focus on during the next negotiation process or your career development. Watch this video “Value & Parameter Bidding Tool – how to choose career paths and define the criteria of the job” for more details.

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