Taking Charge of Your Executive Job Search

AltoPartners shared their take on “Taking Charge of Your Executive Job Search”, explaining minutely how each stage of an ideal process looks like.

It touches, i.a. upon:

  • Ideal Job Preferences (IJPs)
  • CV
  • Pro-active Job Seeking Contact activities
  • Interview

Three things that we’d like to comment upon:

Comment #1
Under “Pro-active Job Seeking Contact Activities”, they list the activities from the most effective down to the least effective ones – finishing it up with cold contacting companies directly. As we’ve argued in the post “I am an executive, it’s not proper to send my CV directly”, this form of contact is actually one of the most effective ones. Find the full data for 2016 here:

Comment #2:
This can’t be said, mentioned and explained often enough:
“Note: Despite a common misconception, recruitment and search firms are acting on behalf of corporate clients – they are not specifically geared to proactively assist you in your job search.”

Comment #3:
After stating that “Headhunters generally evaluate prospects against a reasonably tight brief”, they’ve included a very well-prepared and thought through list of 20 points of what to consider when interviewing with a headhunter calling it a “headhunter’s wish list” To give you some examples:
1. Convincing evidence of delivery (how you added value, made a difference)
3. Proven ability to lead / inspire; genuine inter-personal skills
8. Examples of lateral thinking (showing how you made a lasting difference by linking aspects of apparently unrelated concepts or situations)
13. Lessons learnt from past mistakes

We highly recommend to read the full article here

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