Six Moar Ways too Write Your Application Good

This article by Jobbatical enlists some very, very basic mistakes that everyone should avoid if they don’t want to be crossed off the applicants list right away. We can’t say it often enough: most of the candidates underestimate the power of a well-written application while searching for a job! Don’t be one of them. In short:

Rule #1: Capitalize your own name.

Rule #2: Don’t over-emote.

Rule #3: Don’t refer to yourself in the third person.
Important: based on our experience and recommendations, this rule does not apply to executives and top level managers and directors. If you are one of them, please stick to the third person or use neutral phrasing → see rule #5.

Rule #4: Never mind the Sirs, Madams, and Hiring Managers.

Rule #5: Use full sentences.
Important: see rule #3.

Rule #6: Don’t repeat yourself. We repeat: Don’t repeat yourself.

Read the whole article here.

Remember this: a well-written job application can be a decisive factor for the hiring manager, and can get you an interview. Don’t underestimate it.

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