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We regularly hold lectures, workshops and webinars for (senior) executives, MBA students & alumni, sharing our knowledge about executive job hunting.

Recently we’ve had a chance to cooperate with Vlerick Business School and conduct a lecture on LinkedIn for one of their MBA classes.

We talked about:

  • the role of LinkedIn
  • the structure of the profile and how to optimize it especially for the job search
  • (almost) every single element of the profile
  • biggest mistakes
  • and the difference between a CV and a LinkedIn profile

Here a summary of the above:

Why do we offer business schools a free webinar per year and a lecture at traveling costs?

Because we believe that:

  • every executive has the right to a confidential conversation about their careers
  • somebody should be on the side of the job hunters as opposed to headhunters or employers
  • managers should have access to a competent sounding board
  • executives should be able to effectively navigate the current labor market that might resemble a labyrinth
  • everybody should be able to present their competencies adequately even though they are not sales people
  • every single person has their own, appropriate and “right” career path
  • what we do matters
  • every manager has their ‘ideal’ place on the market

And also: because we love hearing that our actions and pieces of advice change people’s (professional) lives. Here some of the feedback we received (we are sharing it as this is even more positive and emotional than what we usually receive :))

1. Sandra focused on the smallest things which can play a very crucial role. The real cases from the class were taken to discuss different scenarios which I found really interesting. Great input and information which helped me to later edit my LinkedIn profile properly. I liked her hands-on approach and being interactive.

2. An informative event where you can understand the functioning of perhaps the most powerful professional networking tool available. Key points with examples that were part of the session were realistic and I learned many new and relevant things.

3. There were lots of examples presented and from the very critical point of view. The event was effective, taking our profiles as examples was a great plus. Thanks to the presentation I realized the importance of social media like LinkedIn in the job searching process.

4. I never thought we could spend 3.5 hrs talking about LinkedIn. It was very interesting.
Sandra is an expert in the field and delivered the content of her presentation in a very practical manner. I gained a lot of insight during her session.

5. Sandra was the best! She explained how to use LinkedIn in an easy way, gave many tips and a very specific explanation on how to improve our LinkedIn profiles. She perfectly explained LinkedIn techniques and shared tips how to use it more effectively. Well done!

6. Sandra showed us very useful tips how to use LlinkedIn. The session was highly Informative. The unique insights from a former recruiter who knows what she talks about were very valuable. In general she was very interactive and helpful.

7. The session was conducted in a very nice way. Sandra addressed our issues very well, took specific examples for every question and made it interactive. Personalized advices and support were very appreciative. Very tangible and helpful content!

8. The presentation was very useful for someone like me who has not really set up his LinkedIn profile since getting hired after the University. It was very hands-on and practical.

9. The speaker was evidently an experienced expert in the subject. She gave very useful tips to make an effective LinkedIn profile that will help to stand out. Very well presented, very practical.

10. The event was really helpful, I wish it would last all day.

11. The session was awesome. Thanks Sandra.

12. It was interesting and I would like to have another session.

13. I would like to have more sessions which are as personalized as this one.

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