Join us this week! Career Angels’ event calendar

Join us this week! Career Angels’ event calendar

Join us this week! Career Angels’ event calendar

Do you want to know how to identify potential mismatches (red flags!) between candidates and future employers? Enhance your career? Team culture? Have access to the know-how of Career Angels? Learn about the latest trends? Data? Methodology? Read this blog post to see where and when you can join one of our many lectures, webinars, podcasts, live events, training sessions and alike!

This week:

→ Topic: Effective job search
Date: November 22, 2023 / 17:00 – 18:00 CET
Trainer: Anna Mady
For/mat: online, for registered participants (anybody can join for free); organized by Warsaw University of Technology Business School
Language: Polish
How to register: click here
About: How many job offers have you received in the last 6 months? How many executive search consultants have contacted you in the last 3 months with interesting recruitment projects? How many recent job referrals have you received from your network? What is the success rate of your job search? If you are not satisfied with your current “job search KPIs” or if you want to prepare for a more active job search, this webinar is for you! During the webinar, Anna will give you the following tips:

  • How to set career/job search goals that get results
  • How to position yourself as a candidate (long-list or short-list mindset)
  • How to create an effective CV
  • How to optimize your profile on LinkedIn to increase your chances of being found among thousands of users

Anna will also include channel-specific tips on:

  • How to deal with headhunters
  • How to connect directly with potential employers
  • How to objectively evaluate your job search efforts by calculating “job search KPIs”

→ Topic: Spot & Apply to Hidden Job Ad Gems – with ATS tips!
Date: November 24, 2023 / 13:10 – 13:25 CET
Speaker: Anna Mady
For/mat: live streaming
Language: Polish
About the session: Anna will share details of relevant and (probably) genuine recruitment processes for international experienced candidates in Europe. And, she will also show you how to adapt your CV effectively to pass through the ATS filters!

What else is happening soon?

→ Topic: Strategic interviewing for executives
Date: December 5, 2023 / 17:45 – 19:15 CEST
Moderator: Anna Zadrożna
For/mat: online, for registered participants. Important! Registration closes on November 28
Language: English
How to register: click here “About Challenge Accepted Europe
About the initiative: Career Angels have been providing a safe space for experienced managers and executives in this successful formula since April 2018. The underlying idea is to create a community for managers throughout Europe who have accepted the challenge of looking for a job (actively or passively), so that they can exchange their experiences, support each other through listening, words of encouragement, information and inspire each other. Sounds interesting? More info here: “About Challenge Accepted Europe
About the event: How did you get to where you are career-wise today? How much was by accident? How much was planned? Is there an underlying pattern that you follow subconsciously? And how come some change jobs often, some not at all, and some keep thinking about starting their own business? How come some are on clear executive tracks, while some struggle to get ahead – yet others don’t even desire a linear career path?

There’s a science behind that and over 40 years of research of over a million career paths that give us clear hints on how to think (and feel) about career – as a whole – and our own.

Don’t we all want a fulfilling career? But how do we get there?

During this interactive meeting we’ll explain:

  • the different perspectives (heart vs. mind)
  • how to address and deal with potential discrepancies
  • how to identify your own career profile and needs
  • how to identify potential mismatches (red flags!) between candidates and future employers
  • job crafting and life / career design

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