Join us this week! Career Angels’ event calendar

Join us this week! Career Angels’ event calendar

Join us this week! Career Angels’ event calendar

Would you like to improve your team culture? Know how to interpret the dynamics of the job market? Have access to the know-how of Career Angels? Learn about the latest trends? Data? Methodology? Read this blog post to see where and when you can join one of our many lectures, webinars, podcasts, live events, training sessions and alike!

This week:

→ Topic: Building your own career strategy
Date: May 16, 2023 / 16:00 – 17:30 CEST
Speaker: Sandra Bichl
For/mat: online, for registered participants.
Language: Polish
How to register: click here Leading Women” (in Polish)
About the program: In the so-called “new reality”, new challenges appeared before leaders, teams and organizations. Introducing wise changes in the way companies, teams are thinking and functioning – requires openness, flexibility and adaptability, and all these features are attributed to women leaders. Leading Women is a unique training program for women leaders who are interested in their professional development and want to prepare for the next steps in their careers. It is a program for ambitious women who are ready to invest in their own development. As the only one in Poland, it comprehensively combines the process of building leadership competencies with the development of managerial self-awareness, thanks to which it perfectly prepares women to take up senior management roles.
About the event: We will look at how to interpret the dynamics of the job market and, consequently, how to translate them into actionable insights regarding one’s career management and job search.

→ Topic: Contact decision makers directly – why LinkedIn doesn’t work (& what does)
Date: May 16, 2023 / 17:45 – 19:15 CEST
Moderator: Sandra Bichl
For/mat: online, for registered participants.
Language: English
How to register: click here “About Challenge Accepted Europe
About the initiative: Career Angels have been providing a safe space for experienced managers and executives in this successful formula since April 2018. The underlying idea is to create a community for managers throughout Europe who have accepted the challenge of looking for a job (actively or passively), so that they can exchange their experiences, support each other through listening, words of encouragement, information and inspire each other. Sounds interesting? More info here: “About Challenge Accepted Europe
About the event: LinkedIn is a great tool, but not the panaceum for everything, including when contacting decision makers. That might seem counterintuitive, especially when you think of how LinkedIn Premium promotes InMail and its efficiency. BUT: there are more effective ways of reaching out to those who have the power to hire you. If you are an executive those decision makers can include:
Private Equity / Investment Funds
– Supervisory Boards
– Private & family owners
HQ-based executives
– Regional senior managers
board members
… depending on your own level of seniority.

During this interactive meeting, we’ll:

  • make a case in favor of the direct approach
  • show how it works (and how it doesn’t)
  • which KPIs will be impacted if you do choose to go LinkedIn
  • how LinkedIn can be used differently

→ Topic: Community Meeting #7; focus: outplacament
Date: May 17, 2023 / 17:00 – 18:00 CEST
Moderator: Anna Zadrożna
For/mat: online, for group members of Career & Job Search Coaching & Advisory Group (simply click “Join” to request to join)
Language: English
About the group: The world changes at a fast pace – so does our profession of career & job search coaches & consultants. What worked five years ago, doesn’t any more. Technology changes. The efficiency of job hunting channels changes… all that means that we and the advice we share with our clients / candidates / employees has to adapt. We have to keep up to date with the job market, its dynamics and tools. Career Angels has set up this group with the aim to actively engage (with) peers. It’s a privilege to be invited into someone’s career – let’s get it right!

→ Topic: Spot & Apply to Hidden Job Ad Gems – with Easy Apply tips!
Date: May 19, 2023 / 13:10 – 13:25 CEST
Speaker: Anna Mady
For/mat: live streaming
Language: Polish
About: Anna will share details of relevant and (probably) genuine recruitment processes for international experienced candidates in Europe. And, she will also show you how to master LinkedIn’s Easy Apply feature!

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