Job search KPIs for executives as of 2022

Free session for experienced managers & executives in Europe who are currently looking for a job (or getting ready for it): “Job search KPIs for executives as of 2022“.

How do you know if your job search is objectively going well… or bad for that matter? There are job search KPIs that are relevant to experienced managers and executives:
– minimum thresholds to make the job search channels work
efficiency of job search channels (based on accepted job offers)
– response rate
interview rate
– 1st interview to 2nd interview to shortlist/offer rate
market dynamics (unemployment vs. available opportunities)

Those KPIs change over time: effective career advice on job search from 20 or 15 or as little as 6 years ago, would now be ineffective or even harmful to active candidates.

During this interactive meeting we’ll look at:
– all of the above-mentioned KPIs
– the most effective job search strategy for experienced managers and executives as of 2022!

In other words, after this meeting you’ll precisely know what (and how) to improve in your job search efforts.

Think of this session as of an actual meeting, as there will be several opportunities to network. Be ready to fully engage & contribute. If you plan on passively listening, this is not for you. Everybody is expected to engage.

Date: March 8, 2022
17:45-18:00 arrival & networking round
Important: participants arriving after 18:00 will not be let in. No exceptions.
18:00-18:35 theory & cases
18:35-18:50 networking #2
18:50-19:00 Q&A
19:00-19:15 networking #3

Would you like to participate? Do the following:

1) Download & sign this application form by March 1, at 12:00 pm CET:

2) Send it with your CV by email to

3) Wait for a phone call from our Community Manager, Magdalena Eichler-Szerszeń, to verify your application

Important: In order to ensure the safety and comfort of everybody, all participants – without exception – have to submit the signed application form and have to be verified by our team. Only verified applicants will receive dial-in details.

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