Job Search: international strategies to be a competitive candidate

We regularly hold lectures, workshops and webinars for (senior) executives, MBA students & alumni, sharing our knowledge about executive job hunting.

Recently we’ve had a chance to cooperate with MIP Politecnico di Milano and conduct a webinar about “Job Search: international strategies to be a competitive candidate” for their MBA students.

We talked about:

We also offered free CV reports for all webinar participants.

Now, why do we offer Universities & Business Schools so much for free?

Because we believe that:

  • every executive has the right to a confidential conversation about their careers
  • somebody should be on the side of the job hunters as opposed to headhunters or employers
  • managers should have access to a competent sounding board
  • executives should be able to effectively navigate the current labor market that might resemble a labyrinth
  • everybody should be able to present their competencies adequately even though they are not sales people
  • every single person has their own, appropriate and “right” career path
  • what we do matters
  • every manager has their ‘ideal’ place on the market

And also: because we love hearing that our actions and pieces of advice change people’s (professional) lives. Here some of the feedback we received (we are sharing it as this is even more positive and emotional than what we usually receive :))

“Thanks so much for your impressive webinar. It’s been the most complete and interesting among all the ones MIP did.”

“My congratulations for the webinar yesterday: as I wrote in the chat, it was super cool and I really felt the passion you put in your job. Have a good day and thanks for all!”

“Great passion yesterday in your session! Thank you”

“I am an Executive MBA student at MIP and I had the pleasure to attend yesterday’s great workshop. I would like to add you to my network.”

“Thank you very much for a great presentation and workshop! One could really feel your passion. I hope we stay in touch.”

“My congrats for the wonderful insight provided during the webinar. I loved it!”

“I participated in your webinar […] First of all, as already I mentioned in the chat that day, thank you very much for your approach and your job during the workshop webinar. I really enjoyed your passion and commitment. It is not just about the hard skills, even during the daily normal working activity, it is vital to find people with passion, and since probably I do miss too much that aspect in my actual position, when I can see that “sparkling light”, I want to highlight that and to thank the person. So thank you very much!”

“I would really like to thank you for the webinar we had, it has been very useful. First of all, it helped me to improve my CV but also to better understand how to approach job searching.”

“Thank you once again for the very inspiring and motivating session you offered yesterday. I literally loved it!”

“Thanks again for the very powerful tips you gave us yesterday during the workshop!”

“Many thanks for your interesting and professional webinar.”

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