Job market vs COVID-19 – LinkedIn job ads in 80 countries

Market Signals Special Reports-Job market vs COVID-19 – the number of LinkedIn job ads in 80 countries

Market Signals Special Reports – Job market vs COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic came and shook the market, at Career Angels we decided to observe and analyze the changes that it would bring. We have been closely observing the situation since March, when we first started to gather weekly data: the number of LinkedIn job ads, initially in 18 European countries that we extended to 38 in April. In mid-September we decided to extend our job market observations with a focus on LinkedIn even further, to countries outside Europe to gain a more global insight. We currently monitor 80 countries all over the world and can provide data from almost every continent – this allows us to measure a KPI that gives quite a good feel of the overall trend on the global job market. To have a deeper understanding of what has been happening, we contacted in total almost 300 CEOs, board members, HR Directors, investors, headhunters & Executive Search Consultants as well as candidates and asked for their insights, opinions, predictions and advice that we started publishing alongside our quantitative data in the form of weekly reports accessible by everyone.

Special Reports – analyzing the number of LinkedIn job ads

As times were interesting, to say the least, and the situation fluctuated dynamically between stable and, well, sometimes even terrible, it was only reasonable to summarize our findings periodically. Our two first summaries came out after 8 & 12 weeks of our observations and included all the data and quotes from our contacts that we had collected by then. After another 8 weeks, we published our 20-week summary that was an even more thorough analysis of all the countries and regions we’ve been monitoring. Taking a closer look at our data and visualizing it helped us come to more conclusions and notice tendencies in how different job markets reacted to the pandemic. In autumn, when the second wave of COVID-19 (in most countries) came, we published a 32-week summary and two special reports: on the top 10 African economies and the Americas (North, Central & South). Wanting to share a more global perspective, we went even further and dedicated our winter to analyzing the top 20 global economies. Parallel, we decided to compare our own data with the official European unemployment rates provided by Eurostat. We identified 3 tendencies in how those two indicators behave in relation to each other. [Yes, we like data :)]

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