Job Hunting Report 2023

Job Hunting Report 2023

In 2023, we strengthened our leading position in the career consultancy world, thanks to our returning clients’ trust and numerous referrals. This year presented challenges for our clients arising from the economic crisis affecting every industry. We assisted them by helping them find new jobs through outplacement programs, and in building fresh career paths through up-skilling and re-skilling efforts.

Our dedication extended beyond consultancy as we shared our knowledge of career advisory, earning recognition from HR departments that sought out our expertise to establish in-house career advisory centers. We also delivered open-format trainings for future Career Advisors, supported G/E/MBA students, and secured major consulting and CSR projects.

Since 2012, our commitment to gathering job market data has set us apart as the only player in Europe dedicated to supporting experienced candidates. Our in-depth analysis puts us in a unique position to work effectively with professionals and guide them through the job market. This has proved particularly important as we navigated the challenges of the tumultuous year of 2023.

Source of accepted job offers” continues to be the most important KPI that we track, as it shows how efficient each job search channel is. We learn what’s worth spending the most time and effort on when looking for a new job, and we are happy to share this knowledge with everyone who needs it.

As expected, technology has continued to play the first fiddle in the job market of 2023. This highlights how important it is to adapt CVs for ATS systems, tailor them to job ads before applying, and optimize LinkedIn profiles for the algorithm. Similarly to 2022, the majority of accepted job offers were a result of applying to job ads, which are, with their robust success rate of 35%, still more effective than the direct contact channel. Here are the results for 2023:

  • 29% efficiency for Speculative Introduction (contacting companies directly)
  • 18% efficiency for Networking
  • 18% efficiency for Executive Search Firms (contacting the most relevant headhunters)
  • 35% efficiency for Job Ads (applying via published job ads) – back in 2015, this would have been unheard of, but in 2023 – this job search channel towers over all the others

Job Hunting Channels

For the second year in a row, more than a third of our senior clients secured jobs by applying to job ads. We are expecting this trend to continue, but given the historical ups and downs of the channel, it’s too early to be certain.

Large corporations receive between 50-75 K CVs per week! Consequently, 99% of large organizations use ATS to lighten the workload and save money. Managers and executives aren’t exempt from this – ATS and algorithms can impact their chances of landing a job interview as much as any other candidate, possibly even more! What it means for future job seekers:

  • preparing a CV specifically meant to comply with ATS (Applicant Tracking System), and doing it correctly, is above imperative; read our guide on the topic: Click here!
  • adjusting your CV to each and every job ad yields tangible results
  • optimizing your LinkedIn profile for the algorithm, so that you are matched and ranked effectively

Our achievements in 2023

  • our returning client rate has been steady – 49% this year
  • we completed 29% more tasks for our clients than in 2022
  • we delivered 2 editions of the open-format Career Consultant Course, and 2 customized in-house sessions for a major global bank & a leading Polish recruitment firm; so far, more than 180 participants have benefited from our courses
  • we also revamped our post-graduate studies by introducing the “Career Advisory in Practice” program at the Warsaw University of Technology Business School, having begun in November


Click here to read the full Job Hunting Report 2023! In the file, you’ll find:

  • page 2: commentary on the results
  • page 3 & 4: client statistics & KPIs
  • page 5: B2B resources
  • page 6: information on our didactic efforts
  • page 7: resources for experienced managers & executives
  • page 8: observations on the job market
  • page 9: tips for career management

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