HR trends – potential threats

HR trends – potential threats by Career Angels

HR trends – potential threats

In the last 3 years, Career Angels delivered 187 trainings for 6735 people working in companies across various industries. We constantly monitor the job market and talk with experienced HR professionals and C-level executives to stay up to date with the newest trends.

And we know that new trends can be: exciting, modern, revolutionary, evolutionary… but are they always as positive and harmless as they seem? What are the potential threats?

CV-19 has accelerated many trends, including (or especially!) those related to HR and recruitment. Companies that want to hire valuable candidates – who don’t quit after 3 months – have to make sure they keep up with the newest trends. What’s even more important: they need to implement new strategies in the right way.

Trends that are introduced too fast and/or by the wrong department will backfire by e.g.:

  • generating additional costs
  • negative employer branding
  • losing valuable candidates
  • longer recruitment processes
  • low(er) candidate experience

Summary of the most important HR trends in an employee’s life cycle

To help companies avoid these mistakes, we put together a summary of the most important trends along an employee’s life cycle – with their accompanying threats and – where possible – adding relatively simple quick wins – everything backed up with stats and real cases:

  • 15+ HR / recruitment trends
  • ~30 risks they come along with
  • 7 real-life corporate cases
  • 30+ statistics from 2020-2021

We defined an employee’s life cycle as follows:
1. attract
2. recruit
3. onboard
4. manage
5. separate

For the next five weeks, we’ll cover each stage with trends, risks or threats and – where possible – solutions!

Coming up next: “HR trends: Attracting Candidates”

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