Contact decision makers directly – why LinkedIn doesn’t work (& what does)

Free session for experienced managers & executives in Europe who are currently looking for a job (or getting ready for it): “Contact decision makers directly – why LinkedIn doesn’t work (& what does)“.

LinkedIn is a great tool, but not the panacea for everything, including when contacting decision makers. That might seem counter-intuitive, especially when you think of how LinkedIn Premium promotes InMail and its efficiency. BUT: there are more effective ways of reaching out to those who have the power to hire you. If you are an executive those decision makers can include:
– Private Equity / Investment Funds
– supervisory boards
– private & family owners
– HQ-based executives
– regional senior managers
– board members
… depending on your own level of seniority.

During this interactive meeting, we’ll:
– make a case in favor of the direct approach
– show how it works (and how it doesn’t)
– which KPIs will be impacted if you do choose to go to LinkedIn
– how LinkedIn can be used differently

Think of this session as of an actual meeting, as there will be several opportunities to network. Be ready to fully engage & contribute. If you plan on passively listening, this is not for you. Everybody is expected to engage.

Date: May 16, 2023
17:45-18:00 arrival & networking round
Important: participants arriving after 18:00 will not be let in. No exceptions.
18:00-18:35 theory & cases
18:35-18:50 networking #2
18:50-19:00 Q&A
19:00-19:15 networking #3

Would you like to participate? Do the following:

1) Download & sign this application form by May 9 at 12:00 pm CET

2) Send it with your CV by email to

3) Wait for a phone call from our Community Manager to verify your application

Important: in order to ensure the safety and comfort of everybody, all participants – without exception – have to submit the signed application form and have to be verified by our team. Only verified applicants will receive dial-in details.

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