Your brand: purposeful or random mess?

We enjoy bringing to you the best content on the Internet on career and career related subject. This one is a true gem on personal branding created by Lida Citroën for LinkedIn Learning.

To quote Lida “If I asked five people who know you what they think you’re good at, or what they think makes you unique, what would they say? Would they give you the same answer that you might say about yourself? Personal branding puts the intention, and the focus in your reputation, and ensures that other people see you the way you want.” She then continues, “So when you think about the personal branding process I like to describe that it takes the randomness out of your career and allows you to articulate a game plan and a strategy that helps you make smart decisions.”

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“Looking for new opportunities…”

The initial post was inspired by, well, profiles we see every day on sites like LinkedIn, and more precisely taglines like this:“looking for new opportunities”.

[Spoiler alert: we’ll explain, why it is not a good idea to post that on your profile. You can also skip reading the entire post and simply change your tagline back to the position you most recently held and/or are looking for.]

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Are you a needle in a haystack on LinkedIn?

Nowadays it is (or at least should be) clear that LinkedIn is one of the most useful tools for:
– strategic self-positioning
– building a consistent and professional online presence

Both of which are crucial factors in your job search! We have already written about how to create a perfect LinkedIn profile here.

However, you might still wonder: how to make my perfectly composed profile findable for recruiters? Read to find out:

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