Stuck in a rut? Revive your job search process

From time to time we come across very useful job searching advice put together by organizations like BlueSteps. And we want to share that knowledge as it’s absolutely worth it.

This time their article: “4 Tips to Revitalize Your Executive Job Search” that gives tips on how to maintain high level of effectiveness when your job search process is taking a bit longer than you might have expected.

The advice can be summarized in one word “re-strategize”! Here are 2 highlights we thought were the most important ones:

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Mastering the art of writing CVs

Have you ever wondered why some CVs get read and others don’t? Would you like your CV to be read? The answer is most probably “yes”. But how do you achieve it?

This is the third blog post in this series that summarizes the LinkedIn Learning series focusing on career. This course called “Writing a Resume” is 2 hours and 40 minutes long, but definitely worth watching. Here’s why: Read more