CVs that actually say something (and don’t annoy people)

You already know this: your CV is your business card and therefore it should be perfect. It should also be relevant for the reader and ideally communicate your personality and traits as an executive.

An article by the Harvard Business Review “How to Write a Resume That Doesn’t Annoy People” describes this as the problem of “all CVs looking the same”.

So, how do you write a CV that actually says something?

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Writing a CV: rocket science?

Writing a CV may seem easy-peasy – putting the history of your career together can’t be rocket science, right?

On the contrary! Jenny Foss, whom you might be familiar with from our previous LinkedIn Learning series posts, says that CVs use “an awkward style of writing, and for most of us, it’s super confusing”.

Therefore we decided to summarize her guide on fundamentals of writing a good CV:

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Stuck in a rut? Revive your job search process

From time to time we come across very useful job searching advice put together by organizations like BlueSteps. And we want to share that knowledge as it’s absolutely worth it.

This time their article: “4 Tips to Revitalize Your Executive Job Search” that gives tips on how to maintain high level of effectiveness when your job search process is taking a bit longer than you might have expected.

The advice can be summarized in one word “re-strategize”! Here are 2 highlights we thought were the most important ones:

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