Career Advisory postgraduate studies – after the fourth weekend

Career Advisory postgraduate studies – after the fourth weekend

Career Advisory postgraduate studies – after the fourth weekend

I am looking for a job consistent with my experience, but outside of my current industry. How can I stand out among candidates who know the industry?”, “I am looking for a job in an area in which I have no experience. How long might such a process take?” These are some challenges that candidates often face in the dynamically changing job market. During the fourth meeting of the Career Advisory postgraduate studies, the following issues were discussed: identification and definition of the goal of a career path in practice and Candidate Positioning – defining the unique features of a candidate on the market.

Identifying and defining goals of career paths in practice

The first day of the fourth meeting was led by Anna Zadrożna who discussed tools supporting the identification of the goal of a client’s career path. The day began with observation and a detailed analysis of the “Parameter Bidding” session. The “Parameter Bidding” method supports the identification / more precise definition of what the client would like / should “do next with themselves”. This tool is primarily valuable when a client’s career pattern is “Good News, Bad News” (Career View / Decision Dynamics).

Career Positioning

On the second day of the fourth weekend, Anna Zadrożna focused on the topic of “Candidate Positioning” – defining the candidate’s unique features on the market. Students learnt “how to help a client find their Unique Selling Proposition, the so-called USP” and what challenges there are when developing unique client characteristics (from the perspective of a candidate on the job market). It is crucial that the candidate stands out positively among all applicants and is, as a result, invited to the recruitment process. To help students imagine this type of situation, the group discussed a case of a client who wanted to find a job in an industry different from their current one. Students also had an opportunity to see – from the employer’s perspective – how this knowledge can be applied in the organization.

On this day, a guest speaker joined us – an expert in leadership and transformation and Co-Founder of the New World Leader Institute – @Hanna Jędruszczak. She shared not only her experiences related to working with a career advisor, but also to being in the process of changing jobs and constantly expanding her knowledge of new areas.

Students’ thoughts after the fourth meeting

“I think Parameter Bidding is a wonderful tool – it allows us to perfectly distinguish what we only think from what is actually true!”
“I have noticed that it is particularly important when using Parameter Bidding to be careful when the client has parameters similar to ours, so as not to assume that I know what it means.”
“I realized how important it is to be able to help an employee who is not sure what they want.”
“I found it very useful to describe in more detail how to work with the Parameter Bidding tool.”
“I think that the exercises help people expand their field of vision to see their capabilities and what is important to them.”
“I found the meeting with the guest speaker inspiring and motivating to take action!”

We will keep you informed about our students, as well as the progress of our studies.

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