Best of 2020: Recruitment practices

Quoting Jason Shen, “The hiring systems we built in the 20th century are failing us and causing us to miss out on people with incredible potential”. We agree. Career Angels has pioneered #HireCompetenciesNotCV – allowing i.a. candidates who would traditionally be categorized “non-standard” into our recruitment process. We hire without interviewing. More about our approach, recent developments and interesting tools and KPIs in these articles:

CVs are one of the worst tools to select candidates: Having a professional, perfect CV that clearly reflects why you should be hired should be obvious for every professional serious about their career. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Failing hiring systems: Why don’t the right candidates and their true talent get recognized and selected by recruiters?

Decreasing employee rotation from 30% to 0% (case study): Why do employees leave the company? How do you prevent rotation? Can you recruit for reliability?

Ghosting: The art of disappearing without saying good-bye, let alone giving a reason – it has become an “epidemic” of our times. Not only candidates are to blame, but also HR professionals.

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