Best of 2020: How CV-19 has changed the job market and job search processes

COVID-19 impacted everyone on the job market – also, or shall we say especially, professionals who didn’t expect it. Finding a way to adjust to the new situation can be difficult and frustrating.

Here are our best articles on getting through the job search process in light of CV-19:

CV-19: an opportunity for – some – candidates: People who have lost their jobs are not necessarily the candidates that the job market is hiring. There is a certain mismatch between supply and demand. Which competencies are sought after? Which candidates are attractive? How can you be one of them?

COVID-19 + Your Career & Job Search: What should you do with your job search in light of the coronavirus? We have prepared a step-by-step guide with practical tips & resources! This material was shared more than 100 times on LinkedIn.

We Asked: future of the job market? Changes due to CV-19? Ricarda Betzing, Head of HR & General Services at FCA Capital Suisse answered our questions in a short video. She explained how the recruitment processes look from both sides of the interviewing table.

Market Signals: The art of interpreting signals (precursors of trends) is – and always has been – important in navigating financial markets and economies. If you are an experienced manager or executive who wants to manage their career and/or job search processes wisely, look at the signals of the job market which are inseparably embedded in the VUCA landscape of today’s world. We’ve been monitoring the changes in:
– the number of published job ads on LinkedIn across 38 countries in Europe since the beginning of the pandemic; since September we are also tracking how the job markets are doing in Africa, the Americas and the 20 biggest economies in the world
– mood; we’ve collected over 300 observations, impressions, commentaries of the C-suite in Europe to complement quantitative and qualitative data

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