Are you an Independent Job Hunter?

Yes, are you…? In our previous post we’ve gathered a compilation of materials & articles on job hunting strategies and methods we share with our readers. Our materials help them to go through the job search process entirely on their own, provided that they have the time & willingness to do so.

There’s also a group of clients who appreciate the convenience of being able to outsource the whole job hunting process. To put it bluntly and in a simplified manner: if you do not want to clean your house because you are busy and over-worked and because instead of cleaning the toilet, you’d prefer to spend the day with your family & kids, you hire a cleaning lady. If you want to get rid of the hassle of job hunting, you outsource it to somebody who is faster & who knows the market. Us.

However, there is a third group of job hunters: those who welcome a helpful hand, but at the same time would like to stay in control of the process. These are the Independent Job Hunters. How do you know if you are one of them?

  • You enjoy taking charge
  • You like learning & developing
  • You have 10 hrs / week or more to dedicate to your job search
  • You appreciate constructive feedback & implement it readily
  • You know what motivates you (stick vs carrot)
  • You like being responsible for your own actions
  • You are patient & systematic
  • You operate on a smaller budget
  • You are determined to find a new job
  • You want an expert who overlooks the whole process

If you agree with most of the statements above, you definitely will be able to get through the job hunting process almost on your own, with our support.

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We are proud to say that this far the program has had a success rate of 100%. Here in the words of our clients:


“I recommend it to everyone who is currently short of money ;-) because if I had it, I would definitely use your full services. But by choosing the Independent Job Hunter program I had a chance to have my own input in the job hunting “project” and I was actively involved in the process. I recommend it to everyone who wants to stay in control of their own job hunting process, who want to get actively involved, learn, but also to those who currently are on a tight budget.”

Senior Product Specialist


“Everyone knows that there are some steps of a job hunting process that are obligatory, but it’s easier said than done. Because of the Independent Job Hunter program I was kind of “forced” to actually sit down and e.g. search for decision makers and headhunters and their contact details. It takes a lot of time, however, there are many advantages of doing it yourself, as you can get yourself up to date with companies, market transactions etc.”

Business Development Manager


“Now, looking at my old CV it is a far cry from the new one. Although I prepared the content myself, I wouldn’t have achieved that result without your help: questions, ideas of putting it together and presenting it, also in a graphical dimension. Right now I cannot really look at my old CV anymore… not to mention that I used to think it was quite good!”

Project Manager


“What I appreciated most about the Independent Job Hunter program was all the support I received. I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own. The program was very organized, structured, and indicated the right direction.”

Business Consultant & Project Manager


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