3 signs you have a bad CV

We’ve already discussed the 3 signs that you’re a bad candidate: warning signs that you might be sending to recruiters and headhunters. The thing is, your CV might be sending the exact same signals.

Sign #1: There’s no USP at first sight

In other words: we don’t know what you are good at. We don’t know what makes you unique. We don’t know your areas of expertise – and this might be, because it’s too broad or too generic. A headhunter who receives approx. 20-30 CVs per day doesn’t know what “box” to put you in. A decision maker who most probably receives hundreds of emails per day doesn’t know what problems you can solve or what added value you have to offer.

Sign #2: The content is too generic and general

An average CV would comprise the following adjectives: “business-oriented”, “experienced”, “motivated”, “creative”, etc., etc., etc. If you really want to stand out and to show how creative, experienced and successful you are, then do that by enlisting concrete examples and data that clearly indicate your successful track record. In other words: specificity sells.

Sign #3: You don’t care about the details

To quote a headhunter, “A bad CV equals a bad candidate”. Now, not all of you will agree with that, but we operate under the worst case scenario assumption. Some will disqualify you before even talking to you. Look at it that way: a great candidate with a sloppy CV is like a good quality “product” packed in an inadequate box.

The CV is your first impression, so it’s really worth it to make sure that your CV does not contain any mistakes or inconsistencies in:
– quotation marks
– dashes
– lack of spaces, double spaces
– punctuation at the end of bullet points
– dates & names
– margins & backgrounds
– etc.

One of the main reasons why the above happens over and over again:
You probably think that a CV is just a piece of paper.

Well, it is a piece of paper. A piece of paper that represents you: communicates your personality and traits as an executive, either in a good or a bad way. The CV is the first impression you will make on the recruiter before they actually meet you.

Not sure if your CV is good enough? Feel free to request a complimentary CV Report which:

  • Assesses the document and NOT the quality of the experience or education.
  • Assesses every single aspect of the document: from punctuation mistakes to typos.

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