10 years Career Angels = 10 prizes to win!

If you want to how to win the prizes – skip ahead! For those who are interested, here the most important milestones for each year:

In 2010, we had our first client.
In 2011, the first Career Angel joined – and Anna Zadrożna is still with us!
In 2012, we published the e-book Job Hunting Director.
In 2013, we switched to remote work & delivering our services digitally = with only small exceptions!
In 2014, we became an international career partner to the WU Executive Academy which was a base to develop our relationship with other Business Schools in following years that are based in Milan, Warsaw, Mannheim, Brussels, etc.
In 2015, we continued building our Outplacement Practice!
In 2016, we had a fully diverse, international client base across all continents; fast forward: 93% of our clients are in Europe, 7% outside.
In 2017, we got certified with the Career View tool from Decision Dynamics.
In 2018, we launched Challenge Accepted – a community for and of experienced managers and executives who have accepted the challenge of manoeuvring the current job market; they could come together in a safe environment (with signed NDAs by all participants) to openly discuss their needs and challenges.
In 2019, after 18 months of testing, we figured out our own “recruitment analytics” that brought personnel turnover from 30-50% down to zero; 8 new team members joined us; you can read about us here.

And in 2020… oh well… what a year:

  • right away in March, we published “COVID-19 + your Career & Job Search”
  • in April alone, we delivered 22 podcasts, webcasts, lectures and webinars to support candidates who were immediately impacted by CV-19
  • we produced 16 webinars (8 in EN, 8 in PL) with almost 1000 participants and thousands of views; more details here under “Open Webinars” with excellent feedback
  • we launched our YouTube Channel
  • we started publishing “Market Signals” – weekly reports and daily updates on what’s happening on the job market – both qualitative and quantitative data.
  • we got together over 20 (career) coaches for candidates who were (about to be) impacted by CV-19 and who needed to vent or emotional support or to discuss their next steps
  • we doubled the number of members in our LinkedIn group “Hidden Job Market for Experienced Managers in Europe”  → if you are an experienced manager or executive, request access for weekly curated job ad gems

And that’s in the pipeline for 2020:

  • two new team members will join in the course of August (one of which is based in Slovenia)
  • we are working on our own app
  • we are about to launch our new website
  • we are preparing a Career Management and Job Search course on Udemy

So far, it’s been a hard year. It’s been an emotional year. It’s been a year that brings the best and worst out in people. It’s been a year that shows that you can get through anything with the right team!

And now that Career Angels turned 10 in June 2020, we want to make the most of it! We’d like to invite you to celebrate our 10-year anniversary!

Win one of 10 prizes – one for each year:
1st: Perfect CV & a strategic interview simulation (value: 861 EUR)
Congratulations to Prathyusha Lokireddy!

2nd: Perfect CV (602.70 EUR)
Congratulations to Cristina Dragus

3rd: Personal Branding Audit & Session (344.40 EUR)
Congratulations to Tania Benítez

4th: Career Management Session (w/ test!) (257.07 EUR = *)
Congratulations to Taurai Matore

5th: Career Management Session (w/ test!) (*)
Congratulations to Kamil Spyła

6th: Career Management Session (w/ test!) (*)
Congratulations to Iwona Kmieć

7th: Interview simulation (172.20 EUR = **)
Congratulations to Marta Osadchuk

8th: Interview simulation (**)
Congratulations to Jasmin Gelic

9th: LinkedIn profile Lifting (LinkedIn Report + session) (129.15 EUR = ***)
Congratulations to Nina Hanta

10th: LinkedIn profile Lifting (LinkedIn Report + session) (***)
Congratulations to Giulio Marcato

How do you win? Share your “Best & worst career advice you have received OR given” with some context! Post it a comment directly below this post on Linkedin OR send it to us by email to: 10years@CareerAngels.eu by Aug 16 at 23:59 CET.

The winners will be announced from Aug 21 to 31 by being tagged on our LinkedIn Company Page.

Important: by publishing a comment below or emailing us your content with the link to your LinkedIn profile, you confirm having read the contest rules and information clause published here: