Your future former employees

Fire. Sack. Give somebody notice. Give someone the boot. Lay off. Dismiss. Budget cut. Cutback. Make someone redundant. Removal. Axe. Let go. Pinkslip. Let go. Downsize. Terminate an employment contract.

It doesn’t matter how you phrase it – the result is still the same: your employee does not have or soon won’t have a job. Bad news: it wont be easy for them, as there are plenty of people in the same situation.

Offer them outplacement services = support them in navigating today’s job market. Even if it means ‘only’ informing them about a series of free webinars. You’re on a tight budget? Every gesture counts. With our proposal there are literally no more excuses!

About the webinars:

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P.S. We’ve been offering digital outplacement since 2013.