Your definition of a successful career is wrong!

What influences how we manage our careers?
Why do we choose one offer over another?
Is it really bad to stay 12 years at the same company?
Should we denounce people who change jobs frequently?
What about buying into the rat race?
Does it make you happy to climb the corporate ladder?
You really prefer atmosphere & people over money & prestige?
They call you immature for not choosing a serious path?
Your main driver is self-development?
Do you catch yourself thinking, “I hate managing people!”?
I’m 42 years old. It’s too late to change anything.
Frustration kicks in when there’s too much routine?

Answer the following two questions honestly:

  • How would you define a successful career?
  • If everything was possible, how would your most satisfying and fulfilling career path look like?

36% of the respondents would answer both questions (almost) identically
64% would give two slightly or completely different answers

The above information comes from Decision Dynamics, a company that has been collecting and analyzing data on i.a. people’s careers for over 40 years. What does the research tell us?
1) There’s a “brain-level” and a “heart-level” response
2) There are common patterns

Decision Dynamics’ Career Model consists of four main Career Concepts or views of an ideal career:

By now you should have realized that everybody’s definition of a successful career is equally wrong as it’s right. There simply is no one right answer. Different things make different people happy.

We really, really hope that you are not among the 64%, but if there’s a slight chance that you are, talk to a certified Career Angel.

You’ll receive:

  • an online questionnaire
  • a report showing the differences between the career path you’ve chosen and the one that motivates you the most
  • a comprehensive feedforward session that you’ll leave with concrete next steps

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Please note that this model can also be applied throughout an entire organization for better candidate, role and culture fitting.