Working with headhunters successfully as a candidate – 18 tips

Are headhunters a mystery to you? Or you are quite familiar with the topic, but you feel like you need some additional tips to be more effective in that channel?

We have prepared 18 tips on how to work with headhunters successfully when you are a candidate. Here’s a quick sneak peek at it and why it’s worth to watch the whole presentation:

  • Who are headhunters really and what is their role? Spoiler: they are not a necessary evil and you can actually benefit from building a relationship with them.
  • How to contact them effectively & actively (but not hyperactively – nobody wants to be perceived as too pushy), incl. know-how on screening calls and followup emails.
  • Why is online presence very important when you want to be taken into consideration as a potential candidate by a headhunter?
  • How to get yourself an interview & prepare well for it, incl. your CV, interviewing skills, negotiating your salary and the way to present yourself (if you’re thinking about pretending to be somebody else than you actually are: don’t. A lie has no legs)

And much more about a candidates attitude & behaviour: why it’s important to communicate with headhunters, why you should never ghost them and how to act during a recruitment process in order to be perceived as reliable and professional (even when you’re rejected).

Are headhunters still a mystery to you? Do you need to improve your interviewing skills with them? Or simply want to discuss that job search channel? If you are a manager or executive with min. 10 years of experience, get in touch with us to schedule a free career consultation. Send us an email with your CV & availability to Bichl.Sandra (at) Subject: Yes-ica