Why we are Career Angels (Reasons 36-40)

All Career Angels have made a conscious choice when selecting sides… the candidate’s side. In other words: we assist individuals who are looking for jobs or planning their careers. Why them? Why not stay in recruitment? HR Consulting? Corporate HR department? Below are the next 5 reasons.

Note: These are spontaneously sent emails that were slightly edited to keep the clients anonymous.

Reason #36
I am really impressed with your remarks regarding our interview simulation. I am absolutely sure I would like to have additional sessions with you. If you don’t tell me I am prepared well enough I will not start real interviews. You were very strict and I appreciate it very much.

Reason #37
Dear Career Angel, thank you for sharing your point of view regarding my LinkedIn profile. I have to absolutely agree. You are right, as always :)

Reason #38
Thank you for your help with improving my cover email and my CV. One of the CEOs responded immediately and I’m waiting for an invitation from the HR department. All in all, I went to 3 meetings (2 with Board Members and 1 with a CEO). So far so good – I think that I’m well prepared for interviews. Thank you one more time for the exercises you gave me. To be honest, I hadn’t really expected I would find anything brand new in the following interview simulations (I had some in my previous program with the other company). I am really grateful for that and for discussing all my questions. The answers we came up with were straight to the point.

Reason #39
I had never thought that it would be possible to improve so much! I only regret that we hadn’t done this interview simulation before my very first interview.

Reason #40
My CV did a milestone step into becoming an ideal document :) Thank you.

Who wouldn’t love a job like this? We also believe that
every executive has the right to a confidential conversation about their careers.
managers should have access to a competent sounding board.
… experienced professional should be able to effectively navigate the current labor market that might resemble a labyrinth.

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