Why we are Career Angels (Reasons 16-20)

All Career Angels have made a conscious choice when selecting sides… the candidate’s side. In other words: we assist individuals who are looking for jobs or planning their careers. Why them? Why not stay in recruitment? HR Consulting? Corporate HR department? Below are the next 5 reasons.

Note: These are spontaneously sent emails that were slightly edited to keep the clients anonymous.

Reason #16
Thank you for your input on my CV. I’ve found a job in exactly what I wanted! And I just want to add that your tips on how to move on the job market where invaluable thank you so much!

Reason #17
Firstly, thank you for an amazing lecture you delivered in our class. I can really feel your competence in executive career planning and your personal ability to manage processes.

Reason #18
Thus far I have had several opportunities to hear first hand how many people speak extremely positively about Career Angels. I personally have recommend you already a couple of times as I believe that people who are looking for a job should take advantage of the services you offer.

Reason #19
The person who recommended you is the CEO of one of the biggest corporations. When I entrusted him with my current situation, his immediate reaction was, “Talk to Career Angels – it’s the only right way to go.”

Reason #20
Thanks once again for your very informative and well-prepared workshop last week as well as for your patience with the challenging audience.

Who wouldn’t love a job like this? We also believe that
every executive has the right to a confidential conversation about their careers.
managers should have access to a competent sounding board.
… experienced professional should be able to effectively navigate the current labor market that might resemble a labyrinth.

Do you have more than 10 years of experience? Would you like to confidentially speak to one of our Career Angels? Send an email to Bichl.Sandra (at) CareerAngels.eu and she’ll match you with the most appropriate consultant. Or click here. It’s confidential, non-obligatory and free of charge.