When does networking fail?

I’d like to quote an extract of an article that I wrote in 2010 to serve as an introduction.

Under pressure to find a job?

When under pressure, we often behave emotionally. We do things, we’d normally not do. And not having a job puts, at least most of us, under tremendous stress. […] If this panic shows through in your job search you’re in trouble. Nobody wants to interview a frustrated and scared candidate.


  • Send out not well-prepared CVs to as many people as possible
  • Start chaotically calling people, “Hi Bob, how are you? I know, it’s been a long time! […] By the way, you know, don’t you know if anybody is hiring?” The person who you called wonders, “Moron, you did not reply to my email a year ago, but now, when you need something, you call. Well, let me tell you something, you are the 5th person that has given me a call and freak out… I’m looking for something new myself.” but says, “Sure, send me your CV, I’m thrilled to hear from you and are pleased to be able to help (idiot).”
  • Include the phrase “looking for a job” or “looking for new opportunities” in your online profile
  • […]

Contacts, contacts, contacts.

Yes, at least 60% of jobs are found through personal contacts. What if you have neglected making meaningful connections with all those collected business cards? Well, remember for the next time Harvey Mackay: “dig your well before you are thirsty.” In the meantime:

  • Be considerate when calling people you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Do not be pushy. Do not burn those bridges. Take the extra 2 emails to reconnect.
  • Put yourself on the market by attending or speaking at industry-oriented events or even better, organize one yourself!
  • When speaking to people you have worked for or with in previous jobs ask whether or not they’d be willing to give you a recommendation on LinkedIn.
  • Ask your friends skillfully for their support.

Remember that looking for work is the hardest job you’re going to have. You’ll get out of the search exactly as much as you put in.

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Happy shoveling!